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> “This is the World Wide Web – not the Google Wide Web. We will do as we damn well please…”

A must read. Especially if you're feeling the pressure to “just build with AMP”.


I’m very happy that this will be launched on my birthday. So exciting to see this independent technology being successfully used now to minimize the impact of plastic on the sea.

🎉 The August issue of is out! 🎉

👉 Real work vs. imaginary work, successful usability testing, prototyping a smoother map, and a talk about prototyping with code.

‪⚡️ I’m writing a monthly newsletter on for the Web. The latest issue with the best links from August will go out tomorrow. You can sign up for Prototyping.News here:

⚡️A wonderful resource: Type Foundries Archive – a link list of type foundries worldwide – independent or not, small or big, everyone.

“People who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. [They] are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought they’d already solved.”

Great advice, shared by Jason Fried.

‪⚡️ @heydon just released his book “Inclusive Components”. Required reading if you want to build accessible websites – and who doesn’t? 😉 So go get the book:

“If someone prefers an extreme default font size, that’s not wrong; it is absolutely right for that person.”

Print version of Inclusive Design Patterns has sold out again. But the Inclusive Components eBook is nearly finished/available!

For example, they have an original Enigma machine, the device Germany used to encrypt messages in WW II. And you can even type a message on a perfect replica. 🤓

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We had the most amazing time today in New York‘s spy museum SPYSCAPE. Brilliantly made interactive experiences around themes like encryption, surveillance, hacking, and lots of historical spy stories. If you ever come to consider visiting this place!

I just discovered that you can get an rss feed of all your toots including replies with

https://<mastodon instance>/@<your username>/with_replies.rss

“The Rule of Links is that you link when it's appropriate to do so. Linking is an art. It's a choice.”
The Rule of Links, by Dave Winer

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