Listening to this is the best thing you'll do for yourself all day. The story of a woman who lived under the Coney Island Thunderbolt for 40 years.

I just made a new little zine for the
@itchio Electric Zine Game Jam. Try to fold it right, I dare you

Mood: crying from reading Reddit comments about the Buffy episode where her mother dies


And it is about getting old, and how your hair turns gray, and yet your UFO-shaped Jew hat remains an untouched crimson.

When you keep kosher, the hardest day at the office is pizza day 🍕

It wasn't until very late in my Bruce Springsteen-liking career that I realized "Bridge in the Sky" was actually about a brilliant disguise.

The Half-Life: Alyx comments on Reddit are every bit as sensational as one might expect

Still unsettled about whether it's ok to wear Elon Musk-cobranded Occupywear

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Helado de polenta's album is on Spotify with album art courtesy of yours truly. Please check it out they a re a really cool Indy argentinian band and my sister is one of the vocalists!

2 great people leaving my team at work today and I am roaring my terrible roars

Had to unfollow
@realpresssecbot because there's way too much anxiety in that Pandora's box. Hoping the bot's creator doesn't get offended. And now I'm wondering whether it's actually a collaboration between him and trump, and wondering What This Means

I keep wanting to tell that @realpresssecbot is broken, then realizing, no, it's just the president is broken

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One more reason not to be on Twitter: A Saudi woman was arrested for driving a car. Her father tweets about her attempted rape in a Saudi jail. His account is mysteriously closed

My 4-year-old took 241 photos of a Duplo person. Then my AI turned it into a movie.

Nancy Grace Roman, the world will miss you, but you will grow a little brighter on my daughter's bookshelf tonight

Amos Oz, you were a gem of a writer, and one hell of a rememberer.

Woke up to a series of ideas for Mysterious Horror Stories in the subject lines of emails that I'd apparently sent myself, proving, I suppose, that my rare nights out are not as wasteful and useless as I'd always suspected them to be

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