Just blew my sister in law's mind when I showed her ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

I wish more Android app developers supported round icons

It's annoying that while I can play with the left joycon I cannot launch the game with just that joycon.

I will never not feel like a young Anakin Skywalker anytime my code works

My three year old can now control our Google Home. I have listened to Monster Mash four times this morning.

I think I still prefer the Surface Pen to the new Apple Pencil. The lack of top eraser is a serious oversight. Also, that it needs to be paired and charged to work is annoying. 😞

Most comforting feeling about MoviePass's godfather-like retention practices is that in the intervening year I got a new credit card so they can't Bill me anymore

3yo after I left the room: oh no! I'm home alone!

Printers suck. I'm trying to scan a document and of course my old HP printer requires some arcane proprietary software bloated with junk. It's trying to install Bing bar right now.😫

Just filled out an official document with my detached surface book and pen. No more printing and rescanning. The future is now!

Forget the ghosts and ghouls. The scariest sound effect is a baby crying in the background of any show you are watching. I immediately tense up and become more alert trying to see if it's one of mine.

Saw with my 3yo daughter. It's surprising the stuff she picks up on that we don't even notice as an adult. She was pretty terrified by the Screen Slaver and even the raccoon was pretty intense for her.

Night one of vacation. Already killed 12 flies in our room. It was like hydra. I'd take out one and two more would take it's place. Everything seems safe enough for now. Oh no! I see one.

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It's insane how much more productive I am in the early morning. Around 2:00 my brain turns to mush and can't seem to do

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Imagining if Mastodon called instances "neighborhoods" instead. The metaphor works really well IMO and doesn't sound like robot-speke.

It might be unhealthy but I've now purchased Command & Conquer: Generals four times.

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