Thread by @The_UnSilent_: "1/ Reminder going into 2020 people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: UK - 0 France - 0 Spain - 0 Portugal- 0 Denmark - 0 […]"

Anybody who claims to be a fan of Frank Herbert’s “” ought to be familiar with both the David Lynch film as well as the miniseries. Both supplement each other. I am eager to see

Chocolate, to me, is a life-saver. If I had a taste and couldn’t have it, I’d probably finally run me through.

The fucking hypocrisy...

I am perusing the support groups listed on my f-ing health network, and not one — not a single damn on — is a support group for those contemplating suicide. There are groups for those who have experienced a loss due to suicide, but not a damn one for those of us...who are having a f-ing hard time with life. Yes, you can go to a therapist, you can go see a psychiatrist and get pills, but you can’t have a healthy support group to help you cope or improve yourself.

I henceforth shall call “Smart Quotes,” (0x93 and 0x94 in Windows-1252 charset) “Pretty Quotes” because it seems that they’re pretty within the document but when you copy-paste it from Word to PuTTY, it can cause a lot of issues.

@mattmark ‪It saddens me that we’re okay with just fireworks, save nothing about the art, elegance between how their assembled. Such is life after the millennium. ‬

‪It astonishes me that from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan, Bond movies have a familiar, enjoyable quality to them. I say this because Daniel Craig’s version is risky, and unfortunately - it doesn’t have the same class; you just can’t savor the Art of Photography in newer Bonds. #007‬

What’s the point of usbmuxd, on Linux? Aside from grabbing photos, Linux doesn’t have a supported version of iTunes.

If anyone knows the answer, let me know because I just disabled it and left my VM handling the Apple product.

@mattmark I wrote a Python wrapper which seemed to work. It’s not as good as sysmerge on OpenBSD, but I feel fairly confident that the /etc has been updated from 11.1-REL to that of 11.2-REL

Does anyone have a good tutorial on sdiff(1)? I am trying to write a simple (sysmerge-like) script so I can “merge” some of the etc files between versions?

I had an atypical upgrade, and it’s currently only pending a merge of the etc/ files so the comments, etc. are in step with 11.2-REL.

Hot I need to write a tutorial on argument order, BASH variables, BASH variable substitutions?

I tried my best to say, “have you read the (f-ing) manual?”

If you want to perform full disk encryption for a USB flash drive, and it needs to be compatible with Windows and Linux but also extend into *BSD, what would you recommend?

You know that moment when you hate original specifications for a project? I really hope they get off of BIGIP V9/V10 so I can start plumbing.

Hmpf, over 24 hours and counting to get my cancer marker lab back. Here’s hoping for no surprises.

I would rank “The Hurricane Heist” near Die Hard. I found it fun, exciting and inventive (for some of the methods of taking out baddies). 4.7/5 Honestly, the ending is where it gets cheesy and full of “that likely would never work. “

‪Watching Doom, The Rocks “Semper Fi” tattoo doesn’t appear centered. ‬

@mattmark okay. So, “An Officer and A Gentleman” gets a 3/5. It has good camera work, but the pace is slow. It’s rotten that the supporting actor’s character committed suicide because his girl didn’t accept his love because she wanted an officer, not a drop out.

Hmm... I have an opinion. After watching these Starbuck’s commercials, and this 80s film, I get this unsettling hunch that part of America’s obesity might be linked with intimate, warm camera angles with food or high calorie drinks and a detachment in interpersonal.

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