If you care to know, I am child free. I don’t have nor want nor can have children. This world seems to be in a death spiral so I am glad not to have to worry about my progeny and their environment.

I do my best as a steward of our world, but I am one man and corporations are hell bent on making a profit and gutting our ecosystem.

@mattmark And finally, I really don’t like my job anymore. I have been trying to escape it since 2016, but because I don’t have a college degree, it seems that I have no hope of escaping.

If you scan my library, and peek into my git repos, I’m worth more than any recognize. Sure, I get paid well and I have no children so it’s not all terrible but I want a job that is 9-5 and only requires me after hours because I choose to do so — like learning, etc.

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@mattmark Second, this is a rough year. Yeah, 536 CE was a really bad year but this one takes the cake in my lifetime. A pandemic, wildfires on America’s west coast, murder hornets from Asia, Australia is likely still recovering from their blazes, America is infested with literal Nazis — and IMPOTUS is complicit.

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Since no one “knows” me on here, I’m going to soap box a little.

First, I’m glad that Orange 45 has COVID-19. The hoax, I mean facts, finally caught him so maybe now he’ll listen to scientists, but I won’t hold my breath.

I am also an active follower of @mwlucas and his books; I feel like I have all of the IT Mastery books so I'm eager to put that knowledge to work for someone.

Is anyone interested in hiring a technologist with a strong networking background with BigIP, Juniper, OpenBSD pf? I also have a lot of experience with scripting languages, such as Python, Perl, BASH, and PowerShell

If interested, you can DM me. I'm from the midwest region in the US.

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In either case, I really need to get out of my current role; there have been a lot of "left field" passes, which seem out of the blue so it's made the environment seem hostile and definitely articulates failings within the teams. And I don't like it; it's caused some strife on two cases, which could've been better avoided with better communication.

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Well, my interview with Amazon for a Technology Support position seemed to have gone off well enough. I'm esp. jazzed when I can correct questions from the interviewer (e.g. what is [when it should be

I haven't heard of an offer yet, and I'm weighing the pros and cons of this position should they pursue me for their team.

Finally. I can binge "7 Days" (the series) correctly. I didn't want to YouTube the entire thing, plus the quality was sketch.

what does BIPOC mean
(white ppl don’t vote just boost thanks)

Okay... Hmm, I don’t think my FreeBSD bridge(4) likes a lagg(4) interface — with no IP address — so I had to blow it off. I’m now monitoring for down lagg(4) ports. Maybe I should just give in and replace the main board?

Fuck. The forest around Chernobyl is on fire.

Ain’t life grand.

It only took the end times, but we’ve saved some young lives this year.

I think the first 10m of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” really defined Indian Jones. Daring, cunning, adventurous but also clever and skilld w/a whip. When their backs are covered with spiders, it gets replayed with the insects in Temple and the snakes on the train in Crusades.

This may be insensitive. And I know it’ll be unpopular.

“COVID-19, America’s Chernobyl.” Mark my words, with cases like Florida’s beaches, NOLA Bourbon Street, and slow reactions — trying to scoop a few bucks, the undocumented case count is going to explode.

I am hopeful that most Americans are smart and mindful of their day-to-day activities, hygiene and their hands.

Stay safe. Wash your hands, for 20s correctly. Any air travel or freeway (inter-state) business, be extra precautious.

Tonight, I am watching: “Elizabeth,” with Cate Blanchett, Geoffery Rush, Daniel Craig, and Christopher Eccleston. The Director of Photography did a bad job, but the Costume, Set, and Plot are good.

Okay. The thing about this film is that it really illustrates the treachery that Bishops can have; they’re conniving and scheming in this.

Also, I am saddened about how shrouded I am. I named three big actors and one big actress; there are others women. The film is a beach head of stardom.

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