If a pregnant woman becomes a werewolf, does the baby inside her also turn into a werewolf?


I can't post pictures, will have to do:

`;-. ___,
\ / ,
/() () \ .' `-._
|) . ()\ / _.'
\ -'- ,; '. <
;.__ ,;| > \
/ , / , |.-'.-'
(_/ (_/ ,;|.<`
\ , ;-`
> \ /
(_,-'`> .'

Not to show off, but I could easily fight, like, 30 babies.

How am I supposed to start shit if I can't QRT people? I'm going back to Tumblr!

"Art is dead" - me, in year 9, believing my brain can handle STEM

You can get Twitter for free on the app store, Elon is an idiot smh

I present to you, this fuckin' guy (an AI i wrote that's trying to write like Edgar Allen Poe):

"The walls of men shot legs, his Creamons which still in a poetical particulles of gette especiality of
Mautious slight. The softest sudden tenpicion. It know the year in matter very floating in her purmstical sighen and stream, the black and which their strugglemor falling memorious walber throsphere—and I recollectioned. He erected"

Ok i solved it. And by solved it i mean "wrote a totally separate program in python that automatically fixes my problem for me"

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let charRNN,
generating = false,
generated_text = "";
let writer = createWriter('newFile.txt');

function setup() {
createCanvas(800, 500);

this does not work, i am not happy or prepared to learn javascript.


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