I started watching Strange New Worlds.

I think the story & tragedy of Captain/Admiral Pike is one of the more interesting things the writers could have chosen to explore.

I'm only one episode in, and it seems... okay!

server audit of found no information leakage or logging of customer data

“Service and application configurations generally followed best practices. [...] In regards to information leakage and logging of customer data the configuration
is sound and did not display signs of any direct customer information.”

Those are really great news! If you have a reason to use a commercial VPN instead of the anonymity network, @mullvadnet seems to be a good choice.


Saw this on twitter and it's absolute spot on. It's ridiculous.

Idea. Chess game. If you make a good move, the game says: IMCHESSIVE.

Airport experience.

Taxi driver citing UN resolutions from the 70s in a bid to tell me how government controls the weather +the usual conspiracies.

Longest security line I've seen in my life.

Missed my flight by 4 minutes.

Not getting another taxi.

I think the Apple Watch's walkie talkie feature is the closest thing we have to a Star Trek comm badge today.

BMW/Mini quoted me $500 to do this job.

Instead, I bought a nice soldering station for $250 and a battery for $9.

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I used a soldering iron for the first time tonight. I'm happy to report that it was a success.

My shitly designed bmw key fob now has a new battery and works again.

The App Store has become so full of marketing/engagement trash that I have resorted to checking for updates via the long press menu.

We know that time and space are interconnected, so what I mean is: land. If I had land.

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If I had infinite money, I'd do all sorts of silly useless things that are entertaining to me and hopefully others.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Software and services need to be handed to someone besides Eddie Cue.

He clearly doesn't care or doesn't have a head for what those products need, and they've suffered for years because of it. To me, he seems more interested in playing Hollywood Guy instead of building great software and services.


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