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Does anyone else hear Ezio’s voice every time you see “Catalina”?

Now that I'm a developer, I can whinge about anything.

@mattro With SQLite being Smash a Quiche, Literally Everyday

And Postgresql is Put Off by Some Things, Gotta Resume the Everyday Smashing of Quiche, lord.

On the Mac, they call it clipboard.
On iOS, they call it pasteboard.

My first app is in review. 🤓

(Testflight review)

I found out the dev ops dudes have been using their own lingo to sneak messages past the rest of us. Heres a simple translation guide:

API - All Pipes, the Internet is
YAML - You Are My Life
SQL - “lets Smash a Quiche, Like, now”
JSON - my SON, who is also called Jason

I installed google hangouts on iOS to join a meeting.

It was the wrong google hangouts app. I had to install the other google hangouts app.

I feel like every moment I’m not learning SwiftUi, im falling behind.

I’d use it more if I could say “hey dickhead” instead of “hey Siri”.

I need to use Google Hangouts now, and the fact they don't support Safari is bullshit.

I have started a new job and it's mostly doing dope shit.

Open source project to repackage adobe apps in to concise platform respecting installers.

I am building things on my own with SwiftUi and it’s great.

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