Looming shitstorm warning.

Gab, noted haven for racists, misogynists, and literal Nazis, is intending to fork Mastodon and join the fediverse.

Their aim is to sidestep being banned from the main App Stores by allowing any Mastodon client to use their service.

Obviously, this also means that they'll federate, and they're openly excited about the trolling possibilities.

Mastodon admins concerned by this should block their instance from federation when they cut over to their fork.

Rural white voters don't actually have economic anxiety, they're sexist and racist and dems should waste no time pandering to them. This is supported not just by anecdotes like this thread, but all actual data on the subject. But still we keep talking about them.

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We can only be safe from the surveillance state if we have control over the hardware we buy, and the freedom to modify it.

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Where is a list of the members of congress who said they would vote to abolish ICE so we can hold them accountable now?

Someone complained his mobile data came via Brisbane. (His network used as a proxy, which in real life happens to belong to a company in Queensland).

I wanted to sing "Do you come from a LAN down under?"

@MightyPork@dev.glitch.social I'll make another one with red or amber LEDs, which go down to 2V. Unfortunately the really pretty pink ones are also 3V.

The white LEDs in the Charliewatch were probably not the right choice - their forward voltage is 3.0V, so once the 2032 or 2450 battery draws down a little bit they dim and turn off, even though the CC430 CPU will run down to 1.8V.

Is there a thing like driving lessons, only for social situations? Where you learn how to deal with something and practice until you can do it properly?

It would be really useful for me (and probably other #ActuallyAutistic folks too.)

Spent some time at the local gardens yesterday, watching bees and butterflies dance through the autumn blooms. Very soothing.

Remember, a lot of people want you to debate their biases, not the issue itself.

That really helps in deciding what topics are worth engaging with.

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