Just arranged a return for an item from @jlandpartners@twitter.activitypub.actor over the phone. Received a confirmation email before the call had ended. It’s a tiny thing, but I do get a small burst of confidence when I see things joined up like that.

This won the internet for me today.
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Pachelbel's Canon re-created with a supercut of videos of trains blowing their horns.

You never knew how desperately you needed this.


I don’t need much convincing to join in with a sunrise-off. Good morning, Devon

Nothing better as a meta-representation of the interoperability problem than the fact that no one really agrees on what the definition of “successful” or “done” interoperability actually looks like 😁

Brill illustration of how income tax *actually* works by @MonaChalabi@twitter.activitypub.actor. Hint: it’s not as bad as you may think.

Job alert: NHS 111 online Senior Product Manager atscloud.co.uk/nhsdigital/disp

Recently passed its GDS live service assessment gov.uk/service-standard-report

It’s a growing service with loads of potential.

Whaaaaaaat :|
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The Tories have taken out a Google Ad to appear top of the page when people search 'register for a postal vote uk'. It comes ABOVE the .gov.uk official website portal. Before you can register you have to give them all your contact and personal data... gov.uk/government/publications

On my way to @ODIHQ@twitter.com . Blooming public transport - can’t rely on it! Apparently trains still take the same amount of time even if you’re running late and miss the first two you were supposed to have caught.

My sister is autistic, and she was one of the first to get the MMR at a younger age - we went through years of being told that was the cause. This makes me incredibly angry. This sort of anti-vac propaganda shouldn’t be given an inch.
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The NHS are attempting to ban homeopathy over fears it is fuelling anti-vax propaganda.

Telegraph reporters posed as parents and recorded Homeopathists telling them to lie to …

Love it. Sitting in semi-public coffee space, chap talking very loudly (you know how like people talk loudly when they want other people to hear). “I want to run an idea past you. Keep it confidental for now if you would.”

Confidential except for all the people here listening 😂

Old news now, but still proud of the 111 online team for passing their Live Service Assessment with @GDSTeam@twitter.com - and really pleased to see the reports are being published :) gov.uk/service-standard-report

Cyber security peeps: if you were doing a PEN test, would you highlight a lack of password complexity requirements as an issue that needs resolving (i.e. opposite to GDS / NCSC recommendations on password complexity)?

Discovered @TheMissingMaps@twitter.com Mapswipe app - quite enjoyable - anyone know if it’s worthwhile me spending time doing it?

Last talks of the day - @ezinneudezue@twitter.com with the flashiest slides so far 🙂 🚀

The @UN@twitter.com Sustainability Development Goals are getting a lot of conference cameos this week! and @map_camp@twitter.com

Really appreciating the live captioning at @MindtheProduct@twitter.com . I don’t have a formal hearing impairment, but I always struggle to hear people in big, noisy or echoey spaces. I’m mainly reading the talks today and it’s great.

Week of conferences! Am at @MindtheProduct@twitter.com conference today @BarbicanCentre@twitter.com if I have any friends here too say hi!

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