I know many people are suffering from an email onslaught at the moment, but it feels like people are spraying them out more intensely too. I wonder if people are so COVID-fraught that all they’ve got capacity for is to fire emails out and hope they land at the top of inboxes...

Diwali invokes some very fond memories for me of being in colourful Singapore during the Festival of Lights

Pleas retweet this for reach - it’s a brilliant opportunity and would benefit from someone interesting doing it!

Proper opportunity to do some real service transformation making best of use of digital to support that.
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If you are a great collaborator with a passion for digital ways of working and good delivery experience I want you to come and support the transformation of urgent and emergency care. Please share @Netwo…

If a site were to point you to an alternative view of map data shown in a table / list, what might you expect the link text to be for that?

Today’s bit of unwelcome friction courtesy of NHS Mail.

This banner now appears at the top of every external email, meaning that my single line previews in my inbox now all read “This message originated outside of NHSmail.”

Which is super.

Can anyone point me to any good resources or examples on providing portfolio-level roadmaps as a communication tool for managing upwards? Specifically, ways of managing and representing multiple product initiatives, where each has a complex set of dependencies across a portfolio?

If there are any experienced product people who might be up for working on the COVID Testing Digital Platform (and all the features of a high pressure, high velocity programme like this) - do give me a shout.

A great reflective post from @MisakiHata on working in coronavirus times. I saw how her disbanded team responded to being thrown into new urgent work in those ‘early days’ and it was admirable. March seems so long ago..
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“Learnings from my time in the NHS coronavirus universe” by @MisakiHata

I wrote a blog post to wrap up my second placement. Please have a read and let me know what y…

What’s this fish? Caught off Plymouth Sound. Think it might be Wrasse.

Came back from hols this morning to a colleague proudly telling me that they had 208 people attend their show and tell from across the wider NHS system.

This is a brag I can get behind :)

If you’re interested in the role of wetlands and mosquitoes in our natural environment, join this webinar!

Please retweet! 🙂
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There’s still time to sign up for our free webinar! Looking forward to sharing our brand new book on British mosquitoes and their wetland habitats with you all at 1pm today! twitter.com/framaha/status/129

Immensely proud of @framaha and her colleagues who have been been working hard on the @wetlandLIFE project for the last couple of years. A true inter-disciplinary project bringing sciences and arts together to look at the value of wetlands (hint: they’re really valuable).
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Calling all enthusiasts!

We're launching our book on British with a free webinar on Thursday 20 Aug 13:00 BST, just in time fo…

Just because you *can* build something in 5 minutes doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do.
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“I could build that in five minutes!” shkspr.mobi/blog/2020/08/i-cou

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