I love my new Hiby R6. Sadly I need a Google account in order to use Tidal :fatpikachu:

I know is late for a picture but who cares?

This is the face of a men who just woke up from his seventh nap of the day.

Le dije a mi mamá que quería comer ravioles, escalopes o empanadas, que ella elija y que no me diga, que sea sorpresa.

Término cocinando las tres cosas :catPOWER:

Me olvide de cenar y ahora me muero de hambre Tengo para preparar cosas pero nada rápido.

I felt in love with a Toyota 86. I said I wouldn't change cars in at least two years but I am not strong :sadness:

Usando Tusky he notado que las imágenes tardan muchísimo en cargar. A ustedes les pasa?

Repudio total a todos los ciclistas que van por el carril rápido de Avenida Independencia teniendo literalmente a una cuadra ciclovía de Chile.

Mas de 280 km de ciclovía en toda la ciudad para que ellos vayan por donde no deben.

This was PEAK Path of Exile. Yes, this Excel file. It brings me more joy than any league from PoE since 3.14.

I "soft quit" after Ultimatum. I finally abandon for good the day 3.19 released. I did not expect or anticipate the drama that would came days after the release.

If you are looking for a fun ARPG take a look at Hero Siege. Is fun! And only 3 dollars including all DLC (skins not included)

Shit. I am going to listen music ALL NIGHT LONG :catPOWER:

Hay días en los que quisiera trabajar desde la cama.

It would be nice if every app gave you the possibility to unlock it with biometrics.

I've been considering running Linux Mint in my main desktop for a while, I wanna try it and the cinnamon DE looks great. But, my Endeavour is working flawlessly, I don't want to fuck it up.

Things I noticed in mastodon:

1. Everybody loves Lain
2. Cat girls and Fox girls are not allies, they are rivals
3. We all watched a vtuber al some point

Things that I still don't have clear:

1. I don't know if Pleroma is friend or enemy

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