Very interesting article about the false myths of VPN's marketing strategies.

VPN – Very Precarious Narrative -

Hello Fediverse,

this is my new .

I'm a based in . I'm also a player with a somewhat eclectic taste in : from to to and so on.

I'm also into , and .

I'm aware of the importance of online in this time and age and I'm always on the look for better privacy oriented and services.

Please feel free to follow me if you share any of my interests.

is my favourite oriented application, hands down. E2E encrypted notes with lots of features, friendly dev, smart dev model.

Today I've found another nice source of oriented alternative and services suggestions, with some interesting things I didn't know about and I'll have to look better into it. But here's the link:

I'm late to the game but today I've finally installed the Containers addon. Pretty cool.

It can basically create different "sandboxes" or containers in which a web page (or more) will live and die. Different containers can't interact with each others so there's no cross-tracking.

No more Amazon knowing your wikipedia search history and suggesting you to buy protein milkshakes! Yay!

Check it out:

Today I've finally disconnected from my account. I had to close the Spotify account and start fresh. I don't really mind as long as I don't have to rely on Facebook anymore for this.

I'd love to get rid of Facebook completely but right now it's not really feasible for me, unfortunately. Although I don't really use it anymore, I've got some connections that are exclusive to that platform.

Regarding my previous toot: I wasn't implying that = bad. Just that when a software is not open source and it's free it must have some sort of income. Usually selling data, if they don't use ads.

So all my concerns about and I've been using all this time one of the worst email clients on the play store. Unfortunately so far there are no good android email clients (K-9 UX/UI is awful, please).

The email client in question is Email by Edison.

The rule is: if the software is free and it is also really good it is selling your data 99%.

I'm gonna move to MailDroid for the time being, their privacy policy is pretty clear. At least they don't save your emails in their cloud!


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