I think I'll opt out of the public timeline. Most of the people who are on the Mastodon server itself seem cool, but some of the other servers are... yeah... I've already seen that damned frog.

If I really wanted to attract the attention of people who would just want to yell at me for no good reason, I would just use Twitter, tbh.

@mauve yeah I'm not really sure what the added value is of the public TL unless you're doing promotion

@sundilu @mauve I already can't stand my echo chamber half the time though, let alone whatever dwells outside of it >_>

@eniko @sundilu Even then, I'm very, very leery of anyone speaking ill of 'echo chambers' right now because I often see it used as a way for people who want to engage in bad faith to get their foot in the door.

@mauve @eniko for me it is worth the risk to try and start convos outside my comfort circles. But that said, I agree that it is NOT worth the risk for many due to many factors.

@sundilu @mauve for me the problem on Twitter is more like, my social sphere has grown so large that right now looking at my 'echo chamber' is already causing me significant stress, having to step out into the thousands of yelling voices will just cause me to break down completely. It's emotionally unhealthy and I've got work I need to do.

@eniko @mauve I'm curious, how much of your Twitter social sphere has moved here? How are you enjoying this space?

@sundilu @eniko Personally, I recognize about 7 or 8 people who are trying it out, not necessarily moved, and there's probably more from extended circles around. I'm liking it so far, as early adopters tend to populate a service with what they want to see, but worried about scalability in the long term.

@mauve @eniko Yes, not sure where it will go, but I will help push in a direction that helps it be a valuable space.

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