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I like shouting in this empty void so much. :')

Moved to an iPhone recently. Setting a custom ringtone is so needlessly hard.

Had to convert an mp3 to m4a, send that file to the phone, create a garageband recording, import that track, export the recording, and set that thing as a ringtone.


A Michael Jackson musical as told from the perspective of his glove β€” I think someone needs to tell me that I'm stupid and this is satire.

I wake up to find they are making a fourth Matrix movie, and that the curse on third Spider-Man movies is still on.

just ended, and I am sad now. It was 27 hours of the most beautiful audiovisual treat

Raspberry Pi 4 came back in's stock after 4 weeks and cleared out in 3 hours.

In related news, my pi4 arrives this Thursday.

Fuck, I (plan to) fly to Berlin this time next week, and my Visa application is still "being processed". >:(

Spent the majority of the day upgrading my infra to v2.

So far:

The good - Metrics, new cert resolvers and TCP+TLS support

The bad - Documentation

The ugly - A lot of increase in boilerplate code due to the extensive configurability.

Terraform is the best infra management tool ever until it isn't. Bringing things back to an expected state turns out to be such a huge PITA.

I like shouting in this empty void so much. :')

Binged through yesterday.

This show has one of the best form of unfolding of jokes I've seen in a long while.

> We will be captured by its gravity
> while my family detaches from me.
> I will keep a constant vigil on them from the top.

> Our plan is to explore the unexplored regions...
> There are many experiments we plan to conduct while dating the moon.



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