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The last weeks have been held major improvements for my data network, I just realized. Set up my , , and relay. All on a small .
powers the free world.
I love all these awesome people who dedicate their time, money, and mind to all these enormously useful projects.

In times like these, this ever growing, welcoming and totally awesome community is one nice resort of human decency.


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A well-crafted animation tells more than a thousand words 🎥 . Using and to understand the incremental performance gain (and saturation) of ensemble regressors. 💻 🧠

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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Mein Backup-Konzept ist simpel: Zwei externe 4 TB Festplatten im RAID-1 Verbund. Als außer Haus Backup für die wichtigsten Daten eine 500 GB externe SDD Festplatte. 🧙‍♂️

Hey DT,

How do you deal recompiling xmonad after an update (and boy are there some)? I need to switch to tty to run a quick xmonad --recompile to be able to log in again.
I recently installed a cron job which recompiles xmonad ever 15 minutes but wondered if you (or your audience) would know a more elegant solution, e.g. via a hook.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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@mawe dictd. You can use it with stardict dictionaries, if I remember correctly.

Does someone by any chance know a nice for a multi language dictionary? Curl would also be fine. Anything to be able to script with.

Usually I use but it bothers me that there is all this browser overhead.

Thanks for any suggestions.


The addin beautifyR just got a new feature. 🖥️ 🎉

An easy way to beautifully align multi-line comments

Wenn das Postfach mal wieder richtig verdreckt ist, hilft nur noch der Email Reiniger 💻

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Ich sag nur #PublicMoneyPublicCode und nicht irgendwelche Firmen Lizenzgebühren zahlen!

Warum betreibt der Bund nicht eine IT Infrastruktur dafür?!? Und das mit opensource Software?

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Gerne nutzen (Account wird nur für das erstellen von Räumen benötigt).
Betreiben eine Freundin und ich

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Ich hab jetzt kürzlich erst zum ersten Mal Bigbluebutton als Videocall-Plattform benutzt und: Können wir das jetzt bitte alle haben? Und diesen Zoom/Skype/MS-Schrott einfach lassen? Bitte?

Ich fände ja auch öffentlich betriebene Server gut: BigBlueButton für alle!

This morning I worked on a script for easy access to R's documentation PDFs.

Just enter the package you like and open a cached or download a new package documentation. It includes the ability to update the PDFs if a new version of the package is released.

Using only: dmenu, awk, sed, notify-send, wget, ...

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Our ProtonMail Android app is now open source! Starting today, every app you use to access Proton services are open source and have passed an independent security audit. You can find all the details here.

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The ProtonMail Bridge app is now open source! It has also passed an independent security audit. You can find the full details and links to the code and audit report here.

Liebe Leute.
Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Anbieter für eine eigene Domain. Verwendungszweck wäre zunächst ein DynDNS für eine Selbstgehostete Nextcloud Instanz, Wireguard, etc.

Gibt es einen guten Anbieter mit datenschutzfreundlichen Produkten, insb. was die Logging-Policy betrifft. Was würdet ihr beachten?

Danke vorab. Gerne teilen :)

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