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The last weeks have been held major improvements for my data network, I just realized. Set up my , , and relay. All on a small .
powers the free world.
I love all these awesome people who dedicate their time, money, and mind to all these enormously useful projects.

In times like these, this ever growing, welcoming and totally awesome community is one nice resort of human decency.


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Anstatt Decentraleyes besser den weiterentwickelten Fork LocalCDN nutzen:
- Mehr Frameworks/CDNs/Fonts etc.
- Vordefinierte Regeln für uBlock Origin/uMatrix/AdGuard
- Entwickelt von nobody (#TeamKuketz)

Die Gerda, der Joachim und der Sepp sind schon Spitzenleut'. Spenden sie allen einfach eine Bank.

Danke im Namen aller Radler 🙏

@BrodieOnLinux, I just thought it might make your life as a professional screencaster a whole lot easier when you had a dedicated hotkey for opening alacritty a larger font size. It did for me at least.
Maybe you'd like to bind

alacritty -o font.size=20

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Alle sehnen sich nach Perspektive in der Pandemie... Dabei haben wir die doch längst:

Im September nach der Bundestagswahl können wir endlich mal angemessene Maßnahmen verabschieden, da dann alle die jetzt rumeiern wiedergewählt sind.

Warum jetzt noch aufregen? Ist doch alles in Butter 🙄.

Does any of you audiophiles out there know about a good store for high quality (as in compression) digital music store for buying or ?

Boosts welcome.

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I think I've got a problem. I need more CD shelf space.

But actually I have thought about switching to buying digital media.

Is there any store to buy high quality digital media playing nicely with German/EU copyright laws?

I prefer FLAC, but WAV would be fine, too.

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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Mein Backup-Konzept ist simpel: Zwei externe 4 TB Festplatten im RAID-1 Verbund. Als außer Haus Backup für die wichtigsten Daten eine 500 GB externe SDD Festplatte. 🧙‍♂️

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