Tag 1: Sören der Sauerteig erblickt das Licht der Welt. 👶

Symbolbild zum Thema: was tun nach dem Support-Ende von Windows 7.

Linux installieren

Es gibt nicht's schöneres als der Erste im Büro zu sein.

is a nice way to get to know your neighborhood. And you can contribute useful volunteered geographic information to the project. 🗺

Either if you moved to a new place recently or if you are there for a while: check out your neighborhood. It's amazing what you can discover.


Sie kommen mich holen


Joa, dann werde ich wohl mal ne runde Bürostuhl-Yoga einlegen...


😍😍😍 check out the latest update of keepass DX on @fdroidorg
Amazing new feature: the MagiKeyboard provides quick and easy access to your passwords.

Is Tokyo still the largest city in the world? 🌐 According to a new study it is not.

It's time to rethink the way how we rank cities by their population.

Mutti muss nächstes Jahr Informatik unterrichten. Gut, dass der Sohn programmieren kann 😂
Mal sehen, was man so mit zaubern kann...

I have a spare Raspberry Pi pretty much idling around all the time. Would be happy to host a @torproject relay. Are any tuts on that?
Appreciate any input.

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