I'm super excited to publish the first release of Tokamak: React-like framework for native UI written in pure Swift 🛠⚛️📲

I've worked on this nights and weekends of the last 7 months (with a ton of help from Matvii Hodovaniuk 🙏) 👨🏻‍💻

Check it out here 👇

Getting closer to the initial release of my UI framework written in pure Swift based on React Hooks API. New milestone today: renderer for macOS 🎉 (there's already iOS renderer). You could potentially write apps for both UIKit and AppKit with a lot shared UI code (w/o Marzipan!)

I wish people creating new libraries for Promises/Futures in Swift spent as much energy and effort on research of alternative approaches (algebraic effects, coroutines, actors) and proposals/implementations for Swift Evolution. Why keep reinventing the wheel? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Clang and LLVM (and Swift too as it's based on those projects) wouldn’t exist if C and C++ were “protected by patents from patent trolls”, because then LLVM and Clang would infringe on those patents. Nothing bad happened to languages without patents, they’re doing perfectly fine. Java and Oracle on the other hand… 🙈

I was happy with my 2018 MacBook Pro, I like TouchBar, I like how the keyboard feels. I also cleaned the keyboard as much as I could to avoid any dust destroying it, which  said shouldn't happen with 2018 model. None helped. 😱 Now I have to use this: github.com/aahung/Unshaky

TIL: never underestimate performance testing in XCTest: just found a significant performance regression in XMLCoder PR. 🤔 Many thanks to Vincent Esche for providing the tests! 👏 github.com/MaxDesiatov/XMLCode

Oh dear... Am I the only one who feels that CMake is not "the right way" to do cross-platform build systems? Don't we deserve something better? LLVM projects Y U NO use better build infrastructure? Why is there even a need to inject files "to suppress noisy CMake warnings"? 😣

Also , while you're still here, please tell Xcode team I appreciate ability to run multiple simulators. Now my screen looks like this. Please ask them to implement compiling and running for multiple simulators in parallel w/ a single action? I promise I'll eat my broccoli! 🙏

Super cool stuff: Google has recently open-sourced Jupyter Kernel implementation for Swift 🎉 Great alternative to Xcode playgrounds, especially if you're doing machine learning with PyTorch, scikit-learn, TensorFlow etc thanks to Swift 4.2 Python interop github.com/google/swift-jupyte

Prototyping lightweight UI framework inspired by React. So happy it stays close to React's good ergonomics, while still remaining type-safe Swift! 🤩 It has a potential of becoming cross-platform too: iOS, macOS, Android, whatever platform you'd need. Even WebAssembly some day 😄

Would anyone be interested in a shorthand Swift initializer syntax, where order of arguments doesn't matter? Would really help with initializers that have a ton of parameters 🤔 forums.swift.org/t/record-init

I’m so jealous of what Rust people have achieved in such a short time! 😄 First they have a fully working WebAssembly compiler, now they have this… Want something like this for Swift so much! And look at the number of people who contributed 👍 rustwasm.github.io/2018/09/26/ mastodon.social/media/F94CZwEO

Great example of this is the official GraphQL tutorial, which allows you to change example queries (with autocomplete!) and see updated results instantly in the middle of tutorial text 🤯 graphql.org/learn/queries/

Super excited to discover there was some ongoing work on running Swift in browsers with WebAssembly: github.com/kripken/emscripten/

No one needs an iMac Pro with 18-core CPU... Except people who try to hack the Swift compiler 🤯

I love love love this talk by Julia Evans, so inspirational for working on ambitious open-source software! 🙌 jvns.ca/blog/2018/09/18/build-

Interestingly enough, algebraic effects were suggested for Swift back in 2015 by Joe Groff from Swift Core Team. I'd prefer something closer to OCaml's syntax, but in any form this would have a tremendous number of applications: recoverable errors, message passing etc forums.swift.org/t/proposal-ad

After researching generators, coroutines, goroutines, async/await and actors for more than half a year now, I can say that algebraic effects is the most elegant approach. Available in action with Multicore OCaml, which is quite readable if you know Swift github.com/ocamllabs/ocaml-eff

I'm surprised to realise that Swift can not only do pattern matching on `catch` blocks, but also checks if cases are exhaustively handled 🤩

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