Hey Mastodon, I’m at in London today and tomorrow. Feel free to ping me if you’d like to meet up 👋

I'm super excited to publish the first release of Tokamak: React-like framework for native UI written in pure Swift 🛠⚛️📲

I've worked on this nights and weekends of the last 7 months (with a ton of help from Matvii Hodovaniuk 🙏) 👨🏻‍💻

Check it out here 👇

Getting closer to the initial release of my UI framework written in pure Swift based on React Hooks API. New milestone today: renderer for macOS 🎉 (there's already iOS renderer). You could potentially write apps for both UIKit and AppKit with a lot shared UI code (w/o Marzipan!)

@botto I hope it does. In fact, with multiple compiler backends it could become even more powerful, so we could use it not only in browsers, but also for building mobile and backend apps. Depends a lot on how much effort the community puts into it and how many companies start using it. I'm definitely having a closer look. And when I'm prototyping any FP code, I now look at PureScript first and only then at Haskell if PureScript doesn't satisfy my needs.

What makes it really big is PureScript Native: the core compiler generates a JSON tree for intermediate CoreFN language, which you can compile to whatever you want if needed, not only JavaScript. Swift backend anyone? Here's C++ backend by Andy Arvanitis: github.com/andyarvanitis/pures

Just discovered PureScript, which brings fun 😉 back into programming. Purely functional languages are frequently dismissed as impractical, and while that was somewhat true for Haskell because of isolated ecosystem, PureScript is what I always wanted 🤩 purescript.org

A new version of Excel spreadsheet parsing library for Swift is out! 🎁 Now with improved file compatibility, better model types, support for big archives and better error reporting. Thank you Matvii Hodovaniuk, Bram Huenaerts and Chris Eidhof for contributions! github.com/MaxDesiatov/CoreXLS

It was a pleasure to be invited as a guest to a devchat.tv podcast! I discussed with the hosts our experience with REST APIs, how GraphQL solves some of the problems with REST and what you should know about GraphQL and its ecosystem. Check it out here 🎧👉 devchat.tv/react-round-up/rru-

I wish people creating new libraries for Promises/Futures in Swift spent as much energy and effort on research of alternative approaches (algebraic effects, coroutines, actors) and proposals/implementations for Swift Evolution. Why keep reinventing the wheel? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is mind-boggling 😱 The amount of personal information robocallers get in the US from telecom companies without consumer's consent is insane. I get enough robocalls here in the UK, wonder what happens after Brexit with GDPR no longer affecting us 😤 gimletmedia.com/reply-all/135-

Clang and LLVM (and Swift too as it's based on those projects) wouldn’t exist if C and C++ were “protected by patents from patent trolls”, because then LLVM and Clang would infringe on those patents. Nothing bad happened to languages without patents, they’re doing perfectly fine. Java and Oracle on the other hand… 🙈

Well, this is something 🤯 Remember when Microsoft has patented double click? Turns out Apple has patented optional chaining in Swift and many other features 😱

Super happy to announce XMLCoder 0.3 (`Codable` support for XML in Swift) with improved error reporting and test coverage increased from 11.8% to 75.6% 🎉 Many thanks to Vincent Esche, Matvii Hodovaniuk, Quico Moya and James Bean for their contributions 👏 github.com/MaxDesiatov/XMLCode

I was happy with my 2018 MacBook Pro, I like TouchBar, I like how the keyboard feels. I also cleaned the keyboard as much as I could to avoid any dust destroying it, which  said shouldn't happen with 2018 model. None helped. 😱 Now I have to use this: github.com/aahung/Unshaky

TIL: never underestimate performance testing in XCTest: just found a significant performance regression in XMLCoder PR. 🤔 Many thanks to Vincent Esche for providing the tests! 👏 github.com/MaxDesiatov/XMLCode

Protocol-oriented programming in Swift is cool and the standard library relies mostly on structs, enums and protocols. Avoiding classes means no reference cycles and memory leaks, right? I thought so too and after experimenting discovered it's not true 😧 desiatov.com/swift-reference-c

No new Xcode betas released together with iOS betas recently. Is all of Xcode team just busy making Xcode for iPad? 🤨🤔🙏

Interesting and often overlooked fact: Swift standard library has only 5 public classes declared (6 if you include Objective-C String bridging). The rest are 127 structs, 99 protocols, 24 enums and 716 functions. Classes are not the most important concept in "Swifty" API design.

Has anyone seen something like TodoMVC for iOS comparing UIKit MVC, RxSwift, ReactiveCocoa, MVVM etc? 🕵️‍♂️ It's a super helpful compilation of example code for a Todo-list app with all possible frameworks/languages available to JavaScript ecosystem: todomvc.com

Codable protocol in Swift standard library is an example of great API design. 👍 Thanks to Codable different data formats support is more enjoyable and readable than I've seen in other languages. 😎 Check out examples from the Excel parser library here: desiatov.com/swift-codable-xls

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