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Also , while you're still here, please tell Xcode team I appreciate ability to run multiple simulators. Now my screen looks like this. Please ask them to implement compiling and running for multiple simulators in parallel w/ a single action? I promise I'll eat my broccoli! 🙏

Dear  and Swift/Xcode team, please create a `struct AttributedString` overlay for `NSAttributedString` like you did previously for `NSDate` and `NSData`. Absence of it is causing a tremendous amount of inconvenience when working with formatted text. Yours truly, Max...

This is probably old, but this website have saved my day debugging auto-layout constraints 🙏 Thanks for sharing Caesar Wirth!

quite surprised to see that Amazon is interested in server-side Swift 🤔 "The Smoke Framework is a light-weight server-side service framework written in Swift and using SwiftNIO for its networking layer by default. The framework can be used for REST-like or RPC-like services and in conjunction with code generators from service models such as Swagger/OpenAPI"

Super cool stuff: Google has recently open-sourced Jupyter Kernel implementation for Swift 🎉 Great alternative to Xcode playgrounds, especially if you're doing machine learning with PyTorch, scikit-learn, TensorFlow etc thanks to Swift 4.2 Python interop

Prototyping lightweight UI framework inspired by React. So happy it stays close to React's good ergonomics, while still remaining type-safe Swift! 🤩 It has a potential of becoming cross-platform too: iOS, macOS, Android, whatever platform you'd need. Even WebAssembly some day 😄

Would anyone be interested in a shorthand Swift initializer syntax, where order of arguments doesn't matter? Would really help with initializers that have a ton of parameters 🤔

I’m so jealous of what Rust people have achieved in such a short time! 😄 First they have a fully working WebAssembly compiler, now they have this… Want something like this for Swift so much! And look at the number of people who contributed 👍

Interesting tidbit on iPhone CPU: it was confusing when  announced A12 Bionic with same codename as A11 last year. Now makes sense, it's too close in performance to last year CPU to warrant a new codename. Is  on a tick-tock CPU cycle now like Intel?

Great example of this is the official GraphQL tutorial, which allows you to change example queries (with autocomplete!) and see updated results instantly in the middle of tutorial text 🤯

My dream is a Swift compiler running in browsers as an embeddable component. Imagine reading an article about Swift and being able to change and run example code right there in the middle of the article without the need for Xcode! 🧐

Amazing stuff 🤩 “WebAssembly is intended to allow you to compile a wide range of languages so that they can run in the web. Once you can do this, you can compile their compiler / interpreters, allowing you to host the language itself within the browser.” from latest WasmWeekly. And here's an Interactive Go REPL in the Browser

Super excited to discover there was some ongoing work on running Swift in browsers with WebAssembly:

No one needs an iMac Pro with 18-core CPU... Except people who try to hack the Swift compiler 🤯

I love love love this talk by Julia Evans, so inspirational for working on ambitious open-source software! 🙌

Interestingly enough, algebraic effects were suggested for Swift back in 2015 by Joe Groff from Swift Core Team. I'd prefer something closer to OCaml's syntax, but in any form this would have a tremendous number of applications: recoverable errors, message passing etc

After researching generators, coroutines, goroutines, async/await and actors for more than half a year now, I can say that algebraic effects is the most elegant approach. Available in action with Multicore OCaml, which is quite readable if you know Swift

I'm surprised to realise that Swift can not only do pattern matching on `catch` blocks, but also checks if cases are exhaustively handled 🤩

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