when a successful platform for creative play disappears, it leaves behind an invisible army of sleeper agents. i need only say the word "neopets" and a sizable fraction of the internet will jump to my command

(a) minimalist definition of narrative (b) name of a hit new YA series (c) phrase from a movie review that damns with faint praise (d) something rad to memorize & recite as your last words ("well, that sure was...") (e) all of the above

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

been looking forward to this paper on “anarchist HCI” & it’s every bit as good as I was hoping. would love to collaborate with someone on extending this work into AI, not least because I suspect a lot of people would currently view “anarchist AI” as a contradiction in terms ironholds.org/resources/papers

I’m looking to contract somebodies to make 2D game assets (sprites, tiles, animations, etc) and sfx/music for a mixed top scrolling shooter/side scrolling platformer tutorial game for a 2D game engine development class. These somebodies would keep copyright, but I’d ask for the assets to be licensed for use in free/OSS games.

Especially seeking underrepresented folks!

Hey, just putting this out there: I’m a CS PhD happy to do low pressure mentoring for anybody interested in general programming, AI, game development, emacs, CS research reading and writing, whatever! Via mastodon, matrix, or email is fine.

I'm not depressed, I've just got a bad case of Writer's Bleak

convinced my family to help me paper-prototype a weird AI-based board game about making up words. younger sibling is enjoying playing the role of the Judgmental Neural Network perhaps just a bit too much

“The public’s exposure to the concept of word processing took place almost simultaneously with the spread of the then-novel term ‘food processor’, a term introduced to the US in 1973 by Cuisinart to describe a multifunctional kitchen device able to chop, blend, and mix.” tomandmaria.com/Tom/Writing/An

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anyway thank you for walking beside me on my long meandering journey towards knowing wtf I'm even talking about

has anyone written critically about the way that modern AAA videogames aspire to be a "total art", an art form that subsumes all other art forms or makes use of all available channels to convey experience? most of what I can find on the subject is uncritical celebration

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