philosophy of mind, mad online 

that article about how "the brain does not process information" is going around again and it's taking all of my extraordinarily limited willpower to hold myself back from writing a Detailed Line-By-Line Response


philosophy of mind, mad online 

especially frustrating bits:

1) I actually agree with its overall point about the limitations of the "brain is a computer" metaphor and the need for alternatives, but its arguments in support of that point betray a fundamental misunderstanding of how the central term "information" is used

2) it's being uncritically rebroadcasted by people I respect, who should be able to see the flaws

for reference, here's the article in question:

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philosophy of mind, mad online 

update: turns out someone already wrote basically the response I wanted!

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philosophy of mind, mad online 

@maxkreminski yes! If I had to level one criticism it would be that the author doesn't have a good understanding of "information" and seems to think it means "bytes encoding meaning on a storage medium"

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