: many translations of @inventaire are incomplete, would you like to help? you are welcome to join us table 7 (Gallery), so we can help you getting started with the translation tool!

@maxlath @inventaire mmm, transifex password reset doesn't work for me :( it fails to send me an email

@egonw @inventaire that sucks :( can't do much about it from our side, other than promising that we should get out of Transifex at some point in the future, to a land where the code is free and the passwords reset ;)

@maxlath @inventaire I could now log in and made some initial (Dutch) translations

@maxlath @inventaire is there a particular reason to use a proprietary system like #Transifex? #Weblate and #TranslateWiki are great open source systems that do the same job very well :)

@pintoch @inventaire just legacy: we started there back when it was opensource, which led to coupling our i18n build pipeline to it but we want to move away from it at some point

@maxlath @inventaire great! In my experience #Weblate is just fantastic, it feels very professional. And #Translatewiki brings you a lot of very keen translators who will translate your app in languages you had no idea existed!

"simpan inventori buku anda!" #inventaireio is now available in Indonesian thank to the amazing work of @pebaryan! Try it ->
#wmhack #i18n

@ButterflyOfFire that's it indeed, but those will be overriden by what gets downloaded from Transifex so translations edits should be done on Transifex instead of those source files

@maxlath I'm trying to do my own style ;) and the project is a good case since original source files are stored in a different folder then the translations :)

@maxlath Will review and correct some strings during this week then I will ping you :)
fr + ar

@ButterflyOfFire thanks! but the problem will be that in the current setup, those will need to be re-uploaded to Transifex, and I'm not sure that this can be done without loosing some data

@maxlath There is no problem with upload or computers, There are only solutions 😘

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