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so now we have HTTPS for free thank to , I wonder when the ICANN/DNS mafia will fall: GO GO !

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@maliciarogue when 30€/year for a domain name is the norm? what are the cost justifying it?

@maxlath Not following your reasoning. And ain't gonna try to fall in that logical fallacy trap where instead of you explaining your naming "ICANN/DNS mafia, I am now to justify domain name pricing.

@maliciarogue my current understanding of the situation is that what should be a general interest monopoly shifted to a capitalist logic, while we could totally afford a foundation à la Wikimedia or LetsEncrypt, guaranteeing everyone gets access to domain names for close to 0$€£, while supported by donations to help them carry on on their mission [as context: I'm not an expert in the DNS world so I'm genuinely welcoming any counter argument showing me why I'm wrong]

@maxlath this is your opinion, not a fact. When you put out potentially defaming statements such as "ICANN/DNS mafia", the least would be to have facts to support such a claim. Meanwhile, the best is to read about how things work to form an idea about how shit evolved and is structured. @bortzmeyer's blog is a good start.

@bortzmeyer people can agree but I am interested in the arguments (facts, reasoning). Me too, I can start badmouthing anything just for the sake of doing so. How is this useful or helpful for *building* (even co-creating) new (infra)structures? (Hint: it isn't).

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@maliciarogue @jpmens @bortzmeyer the intent was more hyperbolic than badmouthing (although I get that it's easier to criticize than to make it better)

@bortzmeyer @maliciarogue @jpmens nah, I let you this pleasure ;) I'm too busy trying to make bibliographic data open! and while we are here, your feedback/suggestions on how to improve this page from the point of view of authors is welcome :)

@maliciarogue @maxlath @bortzmeyer take a look at opennic. It is a democratic alternative to ICANN. No registration fees for domains such as .pirate .libre etc. You can even run your on opennic DNS resolver. And you could even start a new domain name like .icannsucks if you wanted to :) sure icann might be great and I wouldn't say they are bad. But opennic is BETTER :D