Hello! inventaire.io is a #libre social network to do the inventory of yours books, and share them with your friends and communities! It is developed by @maxlath and @jums and with the help of many contributors! Since last week, our authors pages link to #mastodon! (ex: inventaire.io/entity/wd:Q24939 ) #Libre projects should support each others, right? :)
#introduction #introductions

@maxlath @jums @inventaire
huray, finaly :)

...but on the frontpage you're still promoting fb and twitter over opensource federated networks

@paulfree14 @jums @inventaire give us a minute will you, we needed to create the account before linking to it :p
it's updated in the wiki wiki.inventaire.io/wiki/Commun it will be updated on the homepage soon

@jums @inventaire @maxlath
will you write somewhere a bit what made you change your desicion?
I'd be interested to read, as I'm anytime I engage with ppl building/hosting plattforms, I try to encourage them to rethink their perspectice about comercial networks, with buisiness model of, collect, analyse, marketize private data...etc and choose plattforms that are aline with their own values.


@paulfree14 @jums @inventaire it's not a change of mind, simply a progressive deployment: I was precedently giving updates on about from my personal account, and now it seems worth it to open a distinct account for inventaire, especially because we start a series of tweet on (an initiative by the French collective to promote public domain authors)

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