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: did you ever wish to link to Stephan Zweig's (Q78491) spouse's (P26) place of death (P20) administrative territory (P131) time zone (P421) image (P18) ? Now you can:

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My book swap/lend offerings:, slowly getting updated

@ me if you would like to borrow something :)

cc: @emi @medusa @paulfree14 @maxlath

@nicksellen @wolfi in the realm of VC-backed startup services, Github is a bit special in the sense that it as a decentralized protocol at its core - git -, which makes it easy to leave. Their API is also quite permissive I still think it would be better to be on an libre platform, but as they have the network effect for them, the tradeoff was still in their favour

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Venez rencontrer les acteurs de l' et du lors d'une journée festive à – Au programme : conférences, débats, ateliers artistiques et ludiques mais aussi concerts, restauration et buvette sur place. Vous aussi

delighted to see the movement of taking off!! Lancement mouvement Collectif Plein la vue !! more pictures ->

I translated the tutorial in English
licensed => happy remix :)

cc @douginamug

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I have sent e-mails to the MEPs. Have you?

Every e-mail counts. I know this, because years ago I was an activist fighting similar odds on the ground:

So send your e-mails, call your MEPs. Block Article 11 and Article 13 of the Copyright Directive.

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Les lacrymo coûtent un pognon de dingue sans créer de lien social

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Disturbing news about Gitlab Show more

Anthropologie politique : "Conséquences et substrat anthropologiques de l'ordolibéralisme", cours 1

à pour quelques jours, on se prend un café ?

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#OpenRefine 3.0 beta released! With a lot of #Wikidata inside, and many other very useful features and bug fixes. Thanks to everybody involved ❤

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@maxlath I was trying to explain to someone the other day how Windows is now a remotely managed OS. It's like computing was in the 1960s/70s, I said, in that the server/mainframe/cloud is king and it can push arbitrary stuff onto users. The feudal analogy is not accidental. The Windows user is really peripheral to the system and has no real control over their typing terminal. If Microsoft wants to push an ad onto your desktop or fuck around with settings in the background they can do it.
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I love the hypocrisy of Microzon Facegoopple and their ilk regarding and similar regulations.

Corp: Selling user data is ok and users are perfectly fine with it, because they get their personalized ads. Precious precious personalized ads.

EU: Ok, then show them this information clearly and ask them for consent explicitly.


EU: Wait, I thought users wanted it? You wouldn't be lying about that, would you, eh?

@Framasoft <bikeshedding>il semblerait que "patois" soit un terme péjoratif, et qu'il faudrait lui préférer le terme "dialecte" </bikeshedding>