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marrant, je crois avoir toujours connu cette chanson, sans jamais vraiment l'apprécier, avant dans avoir compris le coté politique (merci le docu "Ni Dieu, Ni Maître"

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Inviter les entreprises et les particuliers à quitter #Windows pour #Linux est similaire à demander aux agriculteurs de passer en bio. C'est un changement d'écosystème qui doit être choisi, qui ne peut pas s'opérer de but en blanc et doit être accompagné dans le temps nécessaire et qui expose à une certaine fragilité. Les seules injonctions au changement sont vaines et contre-productives.

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Job titles of the near future:

* Software gardener (the intersection of devops & maintenance)

* Software archaeologist (maintenance of old but important systems)

* Software anthropologist (maintenance of old but important systems whose behavior is confusing)

* Software documentary editor (a software anthropologist that annotates old broken software & its documentation for software historians)

* Software historian (studies old versions of software to make it understandable to modern users)

is there a club/anonymous support group/church of people denying the existance of OAuth?

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The year is 2023. Every program on your computer is now an Electron app, running vulnerable out-of-date versions of Chromium and consuming 500MB of memory each

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Genuine curiosity and following where that leads to.
Everything else comes from that. From discovering new programming languages, solving users needs, improving workflow etc.

débat sur l' : Jacques Généreux (conseiller de @JLMelenchon ) et Thomas Piketty (conseiller de @BenoitHamon )

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Internally, big sites like birdsite are massively distributed databases.

Look at the federation bugs you see on #fediverse. Delays. Glitches. Missing posts.

Twitter has the same issues, because these are fundamentally hard computer science problems. The tinfoil hat brigade sees censorship and conspiracies, where people who know how these things work just see the expected bugs.

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Let's toot bilingually (mother tongue and International English)

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Yo yo yo! Remember I promised to write about scaling to 43k users? I did it!

Congrats : 312 instances using it over 369 tested!

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#Mastodon feels like pioneering the Internet again!

Technologies in our hands as a common good (all hail to the GNU! \o/), in a joyful, diverse, chaotic and non-commercial way! <3

Now will it scale and enable everyone to filter content in way that matches their desires (ie. client-side or instance-side)? We'll see...

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Je viens de regarder The Internet's Own Boy le documentaire sur Aaron Swartz un génie et hacktiviste qui à bossé notamment sur le flux RSS, Les Creative Commons et le site Reddit. Il s'est suicidée après avoir subi un acharnement judiciaire suite à une affaire d'articles scientifiques "volés".

le lien est la je vous conseille vivement d'aller le regarder :

et n’oubliez pas #ACAB !