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the decision to fund police departments at the expense of schools, parks, effective transit and infrastructure are choices that our elected leaders have made

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liberal mayors' solution to people protesting police brutality? more police brutality!

My Linux installs across computers are setup ever so slightly differently, and I have neither the time nor energy to make them consistent.

The vim inside and around operations are game changers.

The error messages I write get less nice as I get more tired.

The best part of using bitlbee for twitter is that drama gets (even more) incomprehensible due to the lack of threading.

do i roll the dice on a cheap aliexpress webcam?

Thinking about painting my PC case beige.

I have discovered OpenTTD. Whatever productivity I had left has gone out the window.

the upside of all my devices being usb-c is that I only need one one charger for everything. the downside is that i only have one charger for everything.

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shop talk 

at the rate i'm drifting low level i'm gonna be one of those "there should never have been any other programming languages after C" heads in about a year

Before Three Houses, I though Fire Emblem was not good. Turns out I was silly and Fire Emblem is actually good.

I'm gonna create a respectable twitter account for potential employers. only the best neoliberal tweets.

Got my brother an electric kettle. It quickly became the most used appliance in the house.

bitlbee discord is just leave and join messages

The only good thing about rural internet is that I basically get an ipv4 address all to my self. It hasn't changed in the last decade.

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