Fuck it, let’s share our creative work right here and now on Mastodon for feedback with . Be brutally honest, speak your mind on what you think can improve. Mastodon can be that honest place we need to improve our work. No “nice colors” or “amazeballs”: actual solid feedback. I’ll kick off.

@maxsteenbergen is the r/mildlyvagina on the upper bit by design? 🤔

@maxsteenbergen I’m not sure whether I’m looking at abstract art or not. The lower bit somewhat looks like a galaxy seen from top down because of the swirls (that looks stock Photoshop brush-y), yet the too blurry and bright horizontally stretched light/flare indicates a side-view. I also didn’t know galaxies shoot darts into oddly coloured glass clouds. But it could all be abstract.

@timsev it depicts a ship shooting through a nebula with a galaxy rising up from behind a planet. All handbrushed in Affinity Photo though, no stock.

@maxsteenbergen Ah, I’m starting to see it. The nebula needs some depth. nebulae tend to appear like very complex a solid or fluid mass because of it’s massive size. Considering it’s size, the 'fluid dynamics' caused by the ship seems overkill. In fact, space has little mass to interact with, so the flow caused by the ship is minimal. For artistic reasons, some curl (vorticity or w/e it’s called) could improve the fluid-y appearance.

@timsev oh definitely, been trying to find an approach that gets acceptable results for nebulas but painting gaseous volumes is HARD

@maxsteenbergen Galaxies are generally depicted less bright. The galaxy we’re in is hardly visible from planet earth. Unless all stars go supernova simultaneously or someone created a Death Star that blows up galaxies, this seems an overly bright scene. All in all, some sense of depth would improve the piece significantly, assuming you are trying to depict a dart throwing galaxy.

@timsev realism wasn’t a main goal in this scene, more like Guardians of the Galaxy scenery. Thanks for the feedback! This’ll help for the next piece

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