My two year old son appears to have developed an appreciation for William Hartnell-era - none of this new-fangled fancy-pants colour televisualisation in this household, I tell you.

It's a snakesplosion! Snaketoberfest! A big python sunning itself near the car earlier today, tonight a night tiger (aka brown tree snake) on the front porch, an unidentified one on the roof above the back verandah & a large-sounding one in the ceiling above the studio (possibly the python again?). Fortunately, I'm happy to have around as long as they're not aggressive and / or extremely venomous.

The Social Dilemma

This looks like a lite version of what people in the Free Software world have been irritatingly banging on about for a decade. It's the early 21st century and software is now everywhere and mediates everything. When software mediates everything and is controlled by a few companies then they can rig the economy. A lot of the old ideas about improvement via competition in a “free market” go out the window. The few big software companies combined with political power create the basis for a control society.

The politicians are fine with this, because they can create the perfectly ordered society according to their ideology. Via software mediation every citizen becomes contained and perfectly atomized. “Social contagion” is neutralized before it gets started.

Garden expansion project: 95% complete. Today's injuries: 0. A success by anyone's standards.

Please take a moment to read and share the following website in and (more importantly) outside of Mastodon.

It is an enlightening look at the troubles related to -invading data aggregation and how it is harming our voice and innovation.

Originally found via @humanetech

Nice article. If only the Golgafrinchams hadn't buggered the whole thing up.

And a happy right back at you. It's amazing how they managed to build on a totally vertical surface.

Are these rather small holes in Blackburn, Lancashire?

Finally saw A Field In England last night. What a brilliant it is - , , comedy, minimalist sets, great acting, incredible black & white , psychedelic mushrooms. What more could one want?

Here's your 30 day reminder, fellow Australians, that the Great Aussie Bird Count is on again this year, from the 19th to 25th of October.

#bird #Australia

Nice to be back in the studio working on new material after what seems like aeons.

Rutger Hauer's speech at the end of is one of the truly great film monologues - up there with the likes of Casablanca etc. The fact he wrote most of it makes it just that bit greater for me. Vale .

Inspiring and inspired performance by tonight at the Home of the Arts - a great choice for their first artist in residence. Particularly looking forward to her "Concert for Dogs" on Sunday.

Lovely morning listening to Jolanda Moyle perform at the 45th anniversary of the festival.

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