@d I looked up the reviews after a murder there a few years back 😬

@d I know the place. The reviews are hilarious. It’s used as a first-night-out-of-prison address for lots of prisoners.

I suppose three weeks is long enough of wearing glasses held together by sticky tape.

@tatey Usually yeah. This time didn’t max out the CPU but did for the RAM and enough storage that I think it’ll last me for a good 4 years.

@tatey Yeah! Was a great computer. Only let down by battery eventually (and probably 16GB of RAM not being enough these days).

Setting up a new computer for the first time in 6 years. Pretty happy @timriley made it all scriptable for me last time.

TIL 's “Breadcrumbs” feature (along with its expansive keyboard navigability) and it is AMAZING.


@d I wish it could do stuff in the background 😢

@tonyarnold But have you taken into account productivity lost by running these benchmarks every hour?

How fucking good is sunshine and warm weather?

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If you feel the need to laugh uncontrollably in a public place I recommend you read thecut.com/2018/08/are-baths-t this morning.

@marcedwards A noisy restaurant where the waiter gets your order wrong 50% of the time.

@mattro I think if I tried this my work day would last 3-4 minutes.

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