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Hey .social folks. I'll be migrating more of my over to my account in the next few days, which is the beta test of the in preparation for a public launch May 22 (timed to coincide with the vote).

Thus, if you want to keep getting my -y , follow me there!

Currently setting up a new mastodon node that will be run as a coop :-)

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So first version of the translate script done: Probably a lot of ways I can optimise that and actually add some config for users (only & translate to english).

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Beyond the impressive statistics of new accounts, I would love to know about these stats, which may give a different picture:

* How many _active_ accounts (ie. who connected more than just a few times say over one day or two then never connected again)?

* How many _participating_ accounts, active and with at least one toot?

Would be interesting to get this stats at least from a few instances so we could try a rough interpolation of the rest..

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@gitgud Interesting note: at least 50 instances are all on DigitalOcean.  "Decentralized" huh?
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@u2764 @Sweet_Tango_Chill @xj9 other collaborators include @mayel & @Antanicus

Also see this panel that was put together on governance for large platforms (in the context of ) on Thursday:

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@xj9 @Sweet_Tango_Chill @u2764 A bunch of us has a conference call not 2 hours ago on this topic. Lots of good ideas coming out of the & movements.

We're moving forward with spinning up an initial instance to be at, and which will be open to movement practitioners as the initial user base, with the governance infrastructure open sourced. Loomio:

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I don't see enough talk of how the fediverse is structurally resistant to external power.
here, corporations and governments don't have any central node to pressure to suppress activity that conflicts with their interests. they could at most pressure one instance at a time, but there's no way to ever get their way across the entire fediverse at once.
the importance of this feature is tremendous.

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If you want to get involved with the group designing a aiming to launch by mid-May, DM me and I'll add you to the Loomio group...

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@strypey @keithpp I see a strategy: campaign in good faith for a conversion to spread the vision of a participant-controlled platform. When the logic of prevails, channel disappointment to migration to democratic alternatives.

It's a conceptually shorter 1st step 4 most folks to imagine ownership reform of a familiar platform, while the energy generated by the frustration of that dream might spur radical action.

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If you migrate a Mastodon instance:

* Keep the secrets the same or people WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN WITH 2FA (I fucked this up)

* Remember to migrate the Redis database to keep your local timeline - see for how

* Make sure your new instance has enough RAM or you'll have a bad time (I recommend at least 2GB and even that is pushing it)

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Go have a look at this guy's sites: very interesting projects:

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I just went around and did some basic nmap-ing on the most popular Mastodon instances, and there's some seriously sketchy stuff in there. Publicly reachable Postgres servers, tons of open internal HTTP ports, SSH with password login, multiple Mastodon instances that seem to be running on mail server VMs, …

I guess if you're just running a single-user instance for yourself, sure, but those are all 2000+ user instances.

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Job thing! If you have a background in activism and understand tech, EFF has a couple of jobs you might be interested in (plz to boost)

Grassroots activist
You will support EFF’s grassroots advocacy efforts, support our security training team, and engage in outreach to grassroots groups, with a focus on technical communities and hacker spaces

Writer, Activism Team
This position will focus on net neutrality and a range of intellectual property issues

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The interesting thing I've seen about the fediverse is that you can't exert control. If you squeeze it, it just kind of squishes out the sides. We've got people here who want a Facebook experience, some want a Twitter experience, some want an experience like they've never seen before. Some want control. Some are anarchists and loathe control. There are people that get along and people that hate each other with a passion. They all tend to co-exist in this alphabet soup of projects and protocols; some which sort of work together and some that don't. Mastodon will eventually fit in, although they may stay in their own communities and refuse to venture out at night or beyond the network fence which separates them from the unwashed heathen masses. Right now they appear as a disruption in the force. The fediverse like the internet it sits on can handle disruption. If there's perceived damage, we will just route around the damage and carry on.
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How can I be sure nobody's gonna sell my data on mastodon?

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@mikegerwitz trying to retrofit security onto gnusocial I think would be a mistake. Instead if folks want DMs or verified posts they should use existing secure apps which have been well tested. gnusocial should merely make it easy to look up your direct communication address. GPG key, Tox ID, xmpp, etc.
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Anarchists and socialists of all stripes 

Please toot me your favorite one-line definitions of Socialism and/or Communism and/or Anarchism!
Also please boost, I want multiple responses.
Thanks :fist: :two_hearts:

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