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Hewwo I'm the embodiment of Skin.
I also am a sheep.
I also am your mom.

hey how do you @ all of your fwends, I gotta tell ppl im moving

why hate on yourself when there are so many nazis and TERFs?

"the mods are asleep" posts are literally always applicable at all times on .social

why do all my irl friends gotta be annoying cishet boys :^)

psst...psst, hey, non-binary people...idk if anyone needs to hear this, but...
there are people who will find your non-binaryness attractive. there are people who won't expect you to fit into male/female alignment or anything and will be more than okay with that. there are people who will love you partially FOR being nb, not DESPITE it. there are people will love and be attracted to you AS an nb person. you're lovable and attractive as you are. i promise.

Tooth fairies are a smaller and friendlier subspecies of the larger and much more hostile bone fairies.

hey to ya'll struggling with mental illness, abuse or other really bad stuff in your life: BE STRONG! I LOVE YOU!

ah,, mmmm,,, teeth,,, mmm,, cronch cronch,,, teeeth,,,

this post is for knotposting rights
boost to knot
like to knot

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