Spent 3 days mauling over how to draw the rectangular background efficiently because Graphic and Container game objects are apparently costly. Then finally, last night I scrolled down slightly and found Rectangular class. FML

Finally done sorting through photos on my phone from my sister's wedding over the weekend. Will post a few more on Instagram later but here are some highlights.

Gryffindor: "I'm on PrEP so I don't need condom"
Slytherin: rawislaw bbbh
Ravenclaw: doesn't use silicon lube, it'll get all over your sheets
Hufflepuff: OK with you not perfectly cleaned out

"You all know about mermaids: one part sexy, the other half is just some lady" - TheOdd1sOut, a true furry - 2018

I'm very tempted by the Pixel 4 but my current Pixel 1 is doing fine and I shouldn't be frivolous with money 😟

It's only Oct 2nd and my Tumblr's entire dash is just gays celebrating Halloween memes and thots. October should be another Pride month for the gays that hate sunlight.

Got sick 😷 so skipping gym tonight πŸ₯Ί. Just waiting to play Don't Starve Together with ma friends then going to bed 😴

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