I still think about that Tumblr post that says "If you're not a ho, what's the point?" everyday ... EVERYDAY.

As much as I like working for my current company, I wonder what it'd be like to work in an office with another gay person.

Despite my repeated warning that I should *NOT* be trusted with production keys, my employers and coworkers continue to ask me to do work on production systems.

Here's an idea for Mastodon: filter for only posts wth CW. This should help people who wants CW avoid seeing non-CW posts, and keep their timeline friendly.

Liberapay is a great alternative to Patreon and Facebook Fan Subscriptions.

- They take 0%
- European non-profit organization
- Open Source
- Funded by donations


Please stop putting this momo thing on my timeline

A white cis-het female HR kinda evokes the same feelings as white cis-het male tech team lead in me.

I wish there's an emoji that plays a horse whining sound. It would enrich my messages greatly.

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