Got sick 😷 so skipping gym tonight πŸ₯Ί. Just waiting to play Don't Starve Together with ma friends then going to bed 😴

Feel like every time I blink, helm charts I used release at least 5 new versions. It’s such a neck-breaking pace not unlike my npm days.
So here we are, I’m comparing k8s infras to npm. I’m just waiting for left-pad-gate to come to k8s.

Some boys make you go "AWW I wanna cuddle you so hard ~."
Some boys make you go "CHOKE ME DADDY."
The best boys make you go both.

The new Pokemon got real heavy with the disenfranchised youths in post-capitalism era.

> It's popular among unhappy and angry youths
Galarian Linoone are rash and fearless, and they will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Their fearlessness, as well as their tendency to attack opponents head on, make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youths of the Galar region, who have nowhere to direct their frustration and anger.

My entire party is level 50+ now but we still haven't made it to the Temple of the Ancients at the end of disc 1. Is this what it's like to be scout-level prepared?

I forgot what a bop Magic Knight Rayearth's soundtrack is. I'm gonna workout to this playlist tonight.

I'm officially moved to Vancouver!! It's been a while since I last moved and forgot how much work it is, but I'm very excited.

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