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To kick off this instance, here's some recent art of mine. Mostly, I draw furries, nature and tech themes, and artistic blood/gore. I (occasionally) draw human characters! I love experimenting with color!

marijuana, new glass piece 

got this to replace the one that peeled and cracked

Even though I'm in a more dry area in the state, sometimes I forget how beautiful it is and will cherish it whenever I can.

Commission for my pal, Stixil! Had to do a version of him "wearing himself" as underwear and make it as GAY as possible, happy pride! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Since terfs yeeted me for a day off the bird(shit)site, y'all get more of my presence for a measly twelve hours.

I got mass reported by terfs on the bird(shit) site, what's happening, gaymers?

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