Do you remember all those strategic city(or something different)-management browser-based games highly popular in years ~2000 - 2005? I'm talking about the text ones, not the graphical ones.

Are there any of these still alive? Do you know any game like that but based on idea of decentralization? That could be pretty neat


i'm not 100% sure about the timing, i just remember it was damn long ago :D

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@phoe yes, exactly these ones!! But i'm actually looking for a decentralisation-based games, where anyone can host it's own instance/server and the instances can talk with each other. Just like in fediverse.

@mbajur I don't think the games I have linked have servers available to general public though. Their monetization model is based on their servers being closed.

@mbajur I'm thinking about adapting ActivityPub for game usage - mostly by making it possible to use client-server AP via JSON+WebSockets instead of HTTPS.

@phoe @mbajur Is there an AP JS library? I'd like to get started with it but I don't want to have to implement the spec myself.

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