If anyone ever wondered what i'm up to in my spare time when not working on @prismo (i doubt anyone did but still i think this one is pretty neat) - i'm working on a clone!

Any ideas for a good name?

@mbajur I was going to say "fumblr" but maybe that's not a great name ...

Many sites seem to go with animal noise names (toots, tweets), maybe "Barkr"?

@Rai barkr sounds kinda aggressive but you're a second person who said "fumblr" :)

@mbajur Haha, mushing words together is just too easy! Maybe Fedblr instead of fumblr. Or Woofr instead of barkr!



What would a federated tumblr clone mean? Sorry for being confused.

@mbajur How about 'untumbled' or 'toplr' (from 'tumple down')?

Just make it friendly and anti-bully.

About the name, how about Stumbl? :blobsmilesweat:

@mbajur @prismo backflip, pommel horse, trampoline, parkour, cartwheel, handstand, roundoff, somersault.


I'd suggest _not_ mimicking Tumblr in some way. I used to cringe when I saw things like 'quitter' but at least that was just an instance name. So someone's instance could be called fumblr or whatever, but doesn't seem right for the platform.

Tumblelogs were a thing before Tumblr became synonymous with them.

@mbajur maybe something around the world 'cascade'?

@mbajur @prismo wouldn't it be good to join @PixelFed instead - this seems quite advanced already?

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