Sorry for being silent. I'm still alive, still thinking about @prismo and still urge to develop it.

My life became a total mess few months ago (partially because of Prismo) and i need to sort it out first to be able get back on track with everything.

Please respect my decision and don't expect me to answer any questions/help with anything, i really don't have any spare life resources to focus on anything development-related atm.

I'll definitely be back in upcoming months tho.

Love y'all ✌️

also: i need to admit i'm super impressed about two things:

1/ Mastodon changed a lot and i really love what i see after all those months, kudos to @Gargron and all the contributors 👏

2/ it's amazing how mastodon is NOT trying to convince me back into it when i'm off. Not flooding me with thousands of emails like twitter does. Just respects my decision about not logging in, that's exactly how it should be working everywhere

can't wait to see @pixelfed and other fediverse projects <3

@mbajur @prismo No need to apologize for being silent. I hope you'll be back soon, but please take good care of yourself and your health.

@mbajur @prismo trzymaj się, przepraszam że w międzyczasie zadałem jakieś pytanie o prismo

I sending that. Just look after yourself. Better taking a breather than burning out. ♥️

@mbajur One status told me everything that I wanted to know about you and Prismo. Thank you.

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