Just a little sneak peek of a new based project I'm working on

@matthieu - i hope you have nothing against using your profile and posts as an example :) I just enjoy them a lot

@matthieu simply put - activitypub makes it able for us to communicate while you have an account on and i have mine on (btw - i'm on photog as well - @mxbx )

@grishka you can say so. Think of tumblr with portfolio capabilities

mbajur, nice! What stack are you using? And, if you have any questions about ActivityPub, feel free to ask.
(just don't PM this account, this server doesn't support non-public posts)

@grishka briefly - Ruby on Rails + stimulus.js . I have some knowledge after developing @prismo so i hope it's gonna go smoothly :)


It looks great! I would also like to invite you to let know about this and participate with the community on interesting stuff.

Can I already add your project to the watchlist? Project doesn't need to be in production for that, any stage of dev counts :)


@humanetech i think it's a bit too early for that, this project doesn't even have a name yet ;)

@mbajur np, just give me a heads-up and I'll add you. The watchlist is the staging area before projects are included in @fediverseparty

@oz rather a federated Tumblr with simple CMS features

@rosano mostly any sort of visual content + text as well at some point

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