@rosano mostly any sort of visual content + text as well at some point

@humanetech i think it's a bit too early for that, this project doesn't even have a name yet ;)

@oz rather a federated Tumblr with simple CMS features

@grishka briefly - Ruby on Rails + stimulus.js . I have some knowledge after developing @prismo so i hope it's gonna go smoothly :)

@grishka you can say so. Think of tumblr with portfolio capabilities

@matthieu simply put - activitypub makes it able for us to communicate while you have an account on photog.social and i have mine on mastodon.social (btw - i'm on photog as well - @mxbx )

@matthieu - i hope you have nothing against using your profile and posts as an example :) I just enjoy them a lot

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Just a little sneak peek of a new based project I'm working on

@bonfire will it be possible to use Bonfire as an API-only service? So i can build my own solution on top of it?

No matter what - that project sounds super exciting. Something i was planning to build but never had enough free time

@mariusor in general. Not sure about pleroma but the thing with Mastodon is that it's tightly coupled with the mastodon logic, you can't really extract it and build something on top of it.

FYI: Prismo was really a quite sophisticated Mastodon fork :)

What's the most complete and handy library out there? go-fed/activity ?

@pence as a clarification - i'm looking for a platform that i can invite few photographers into so we can upload uncompressed photos we took over last 10 years. So i would not say it's a imgur competitor though i'm not sure if that's really a competitor to anything existing :)

Looking for a libre tool to collaboratively archive huge amount of high-res photos. Preferably with ACL and a good API layer to be able to build something on top of that. Any ideas?

@dansup actually...this anime thing is what hits me each time i enter mastodon after a longer break. I sometimes feel like i'm the only one not into it in here 😅

Anyones company lookin for a remote Ruby (on Rails) developer (me)?

also: i need to admit i'm super impressed about two things:

1/ Mastodon changed a lot and i really love what i see after all those months, kudos to @Gargron and all the contributors 👏

2/ it's amazing how mastodon is NOT trying to convince me back into it when i'm off. Not flooding me with thousands of emails like twitter does. Just respects my decision about not logging in, that's exactly how it should be working everywhere

can't wait to see @pixelfed and other fediverse projects <3

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Sorry for being silent. I'm still alive, still thinking about @prismo and still urge to develop it.

My life became a total mess few months ago (partially because of Prismo) and i need to sort it out first to be able get back on track with everything.

Please respect my decision and don't expect me to answer any questions/help with anything, i really don't have any spare life resources to focus on anything development-related atm.

I'll definitely be back in upcoming months tho.

Love y'all ✌️

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