I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

With the 5.0 release coming today, please bear in mind that support specialists might be a bit more busy than usual and replies might take a bit longer.

To prevent extra workload for these people, postpone upgrading.

Wie weet waar kan ik kerstpakketten bestellen die ik per stuk ergens kan laten bezorgen?

Switching to Bitwarden as password vault.. Like the interface, like that it's Open Source. Like that it has family options. Like the fast sync between browser extension/desktop app (also in Linux).

Hallo 🇩🇪

Ich werde nächstes Jahr 725km für einen guten Zweck laufen, und da mir noch 13 Schlafplätze auf der Strecke fehlen, bitte ich euch um Hilfe! Bitte sieh dir meine Route an und hilf mir diese Schlafplätze zu finden.


I switched PhpStorm to dark mode and the WarmNeon colorscheme and i like it. Easy on the eyes, good to read.

Checking out some new TV series and playing around with Sonarr, newsgroups and torrents.

And then you see your download rate of 15,4MB/s and 37GB in the queue 😋

As of 5.0, the editor for posts has been updated to a block editor. This block editor is also used for all “custom post types” (products are an example of this). There are a few problems with 3.5.0 or older. Updating to 3.5.1 or higher will fix these.

More info: wordpress.org/support/topic/wo

Today was a day of die-hard coding. Refactored a sync plugin to be a bit more, nice. Happy with the things I learned, since I migrated it from a Procedural setup to OO, and it's using a jQuery progressbar along the way.🙃

So, I'm looking for resources to help me to set up local WP development in Docker on Ubuntu.

There's much info around, all I need is a guide that introduces the basics, with examples on how to set up a dev site with a local mapped url (mysite.test)

Help is appreciated, thanks!

Android without Google.
This sounds like a dream, but it's reality.

@gael_duval started the /e/ foundation e.foundation/ in 2017 and currently there is a beta Android OS available.

This looks very promising!

Op weg naar huis 🏡

5 dagen van mooie momenten, goede gesprekken, mooie champagnes 🍾 en BBQ🍖 avonden.

Frankrijk 🇫🇷, je was weer mooi.

Have fun! And say hi to the team from me if you will.

Ik was gisteren bij de presentatie van het nieuwe prototype elektrische racewagen, De Vision, van studentenraceteam TUe InMotion. Ze willen in 2023 aan de 24h van Lemans deel gaan nemen, maar daar moet nog wel wat voor gaan gebeuren.
Zo willen ze de batterijen 100% laden in 2 minuten! Vergelijk, een Tesla met speciale laadpaal doet er nu nog 20 minuten over.
De weg naar LeMans meemaken? Volg ze via inmotion.tue.nl

Just merged the v2 branch of @better into master:

124 files changed, 3089 insertions(+), 9283 deletions(-)

Not too shabby for a little over two weeks of work :)

I need this new mediaplayer.
The Vero4k+

Quad Core 1.6Ghz 64-bit processor
2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB eMMC storage
Built in 802.11 ac/n/g/b WiFi with Bluetooth 4.0
IR and RF receiver
2x USB 2.0 ports
micro SD card slot
3.5mm analogue audio output
Optical (SPDIF) audio output
HDMI 2.0 with CEC (control your Vero 4K + with your TV remote)
Dynamic Refresh Rate adjustment (with 23.976/24p support)
Gigabit Ethernet
4K, H265, HDR10 ready

In a 9 x 9 x 2cm package.




▶️I'm booked for two WPMeetups to come talk about my 🚶‍♂️ adventure
▶️I've received almost €500 worth of donations for @donate_wc - THANKS!
▶️I've received two signed agreements from clients

💶Donate here: walktowc.eu/donate/

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