Happy that I got my app to run on my coworker’s device. Sad that it took 4 hrs and diffing `env | sort` to debug.

shares terminal screenshots and leaves laptop unlocked. different worlds.

Got an intern working the frontend tier now. He’s already pushing to apply three frameworks he saw in a TV show. Can’t handle bare CSS. Can’t cp a file to save his life. Likes weed. Knows the LD50 of caffeine by heart.

Homebrew closed my PR to fix the whois package. Why bother contributing?

When the Go net/smtp devs have never done real world email in their life, and so neglect to support friendly addressing, or even validate addresses :/

when stores suck at stocking the things that are always running out. same shit week after week after week...

Boss keeps telling staff to install software on their personal devices because the corporate provided ones are restricted. Okay, so pay me extra $$$ for another computer.

When you find three different bugs in moment.js on the same day :(

tex mex rage 

Ain’t NOBODY want to chew a double wrap burrito, Chipotle! Fix your tortillas to begin with.

JWT libraries are close to pointless by themselves, since they don’t check for revoked (logged out) tokens.

Just say it, Mueller. Spell it out for the idiots. Say the words. “I recommend impeachment.”

There is no standard HTTP response code signifying expired sessions 😞😞😞

Detective Pikachu lacks context, the same fundamental problem as the Aquaman film. No craft in exposition, just assertions of relationships and random fight scenes. Bad guy somewhere yelling “I Am <insert abstract concept here>!”

Ticket reservation system had a glitch during the PURCHASING PROCESS. This is why I pirate.

Don’t be distracted by the noise. Elegant noise, childish noise. Politicians slip their worst moves in while you’re digesting their choice of mustards and misplaced apostrophes.

Dang car has 108K mi, a dent in the roof, and spun out with its awful brakes three times this week.

Prolly time to settle on a replacement tomorrow. Don’t let the dealers know. This just between you and me, Internet.

Dear highway engineers,

Stop placing exits across more than four lanes and less than 500ft from on-ramps. People will try to make these, and they will kill themselves and others in the process.


Green new deal? Hell, if Ocasio Cortez eliminates junk mail she has my vote for galactic empress!

2009 energy: Our code is much too sophisticated to publish. Select partners can license a copy for $100,000.
2019 energy: Our code is shit, there’s no way we can publish. You can hit the fast API for $0.03/byte or the slow API 2x/week!
2029 energy: Crap, the AI deleted itself. Better grow a new one and hope it still thinks we’re gods.

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