So I have been posting my recent visual art here by way of @mermaidindustries but I just realized I never mastoposted any of my music!

I've been making music lately. I've been inspired by small toy synths like the Pocket Operator and Bastl Kastle and the modular synth movement (things like "VCV rack").

I got a semimodular synth and it's so fun. Here's the best thing I've made with it so far. It's soft and distant and ambient and abstract.

It's called "Machine Tides"

Here's another piece with the same which is much less musical and just some weird fun noise blasting. My Minibrute 2 can't do "chords" (it's monophonic) so I turned up the arpeggiator to run really fast and ran it through my cheap reverb pedal so the notes overlapped. It sounded REALLY STRANGE.

My goal with the Minibrute2 is I got this cheapo breadboard with an arduino built in ( it is literally made of lego: ) and I've been trying to figure out how to control the modular patch points with the arduino. I wrote a tiny sequencer that runs on the arduino ( source here: ) and here it is making weirdo arpeggios (changing the pitch while the note is off to make weird echoey legatos!)

In some ways this is maybe just all perverse cuz I COULD do all this in software, but I'm finding the hardware is leading me to interesting ideas I wouldn't have found in a DAW. I'm also excited about the various ways the physical equipment can fail. Like, the video in the previous version-- here's a recording of a previous take where due to a bug, every time it was supposed to speed up it just raises an octave (until it wraps around). It sounds spooky.


Modular synths are all about this "eurorack" concept but I'm captivated by this ridiculous idea of making my own little pseudo-eurorack out of breadboards and strange toys, a legorack maybe. I've been really inspired by the Bastl line and their weird, grubby, DIY approach; here's one last sorta-a-song I got from wiring my Minibrute 2 and the Kastle (a tiny AA battery synth that uses breadboard wires) into each other

@mcc a guy i know from Pittsburgh does modular stuff, but he builds his own boxes / synths, so everything looks all weird. It's refreshing:
Best show I saw him was when he opened for wiz kalifah

@mcc I have a memory of him playing synths that were built into cans rather than boxes, but it was so long ago that I don't really trust my memory.

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