I got, like, a whole bag of 1/8 inch audio cable jacks and now I can plug jacks directly into my breadboard without having to use alligator clips! I had to order them from England and they took forever.

@mcc like these and DIN5 or whatever MIDI connectors are surprisingly hard to get ahold of

@mcc Thonkiconn sounds like an amazing arcade knockoff.

Oooh, I should get some of these
I ordered an AE Modular kit, and I want to connect it to ~everything~

@mcc I really hope Thonkiconn is supposed to be pronounced like Donkey Kong

@mcc Sweet :D They fit fine in the breadboard and everything?

@pettancow This brand is specifically designed to work on a breadboard… although I kinda have to be careful, I've already snapped the pins off one. I guess I see why usually plugs aren't designed vertically like this

@mcc Ohh! I thought they were just generic through-hole jacks :o Even better!

@mcc those Thonk jacks are so useful for breadboarding 😄

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