So a feature I think mastodon instances could really use is for instance A to "log into" an account on instance B and show the content there.

Twidere on my phone can show feeds for masto dot social, or cybre dot space, or whatever. But if I open up the cybre dot space site, it'll only show me my cybre dot space feed. There's no Mastodon web interface that asks you what instance you want to "log into" and view content from.

I think this is a problem because there's a lot of room for experimentation with mastodon/activitypub UX right now, but that experimentation is disfavored because trying out another instance briefly is a "heavy" operation, requiring you to migrate your account (which there's still no automated way to do). Letting you jump on a new instance and view your existing account instead of a new blank one would serve as a sort of "try before you buy".

@mcc I feel like a big vector for UX experimentation is going to be entirely new non-Mastodon services running on ActivityPub like @pixelfed and PeerTube.


@VamptVo I wonder what a chat service— like, a Discord clone— that had some sort of activitypub integration would look like. Like, what if there were a non-persistent chat room where you could say things and boost or crosspost them into a mastodon feed?

@mcc @VamptVo

you might find which does that for IRC.

also, we (Pleroma) plan to build a federated discord-type thing eventually

@VamptVo I mention this because a problem I have on Mastodon is it's like… it's like I'm afraid of talking too loud at a quiet party? I don't post on mastodon unless I have Something To Say. If I were in a Discord with some of my mastodon-using friends tho I wouldn't feel this way, I'd just gibber freely

@mcc Yeah! That kind of hybrid is exciting too because it might represent a new social media interaction model entirely, rather than the current slate of ActivityPub services which are mostly clones of centralized services.

@mcc I started building one of those but never got around to finishing it! I think it makes a lot of sense. A valuable part of ActivityPub is the ability to reuinte communities that are currently spread across different services like Twitter, Slack, Discord, etc.

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