Spent the first part of this week working on expanding lovr.org 's Truetype/SDF font support to support pixel-art fonts. It went well. I am now one step closer to my dream of somehow making VR look as though you are watching the world itself on a busted VHS tape.


Also did some first-step experiments with CRT/LED phosphor shaders and even in their simplest forms they went well (look at the moires on the 4th image here!). I wanna play with using SDF techniques + blurring to make surfaces that realistically blur into one slightly-chromatic-aberrated images at a distance but burst out into visible RGB phosphors up close, the way an actual old television would.

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Finally I also did some experiments with expanding Lovr's truetype MSDF shader to do outline and glow effects. This was the image I was happiest with even though it was a bug (a < should have been a >, so instead of the letter outline fading to transparent the "inside" fills the whole glyph quad). It has this great construction-paper-cutout feel (it's a small thing but I love the imperfection inside the "t", it looks like an ink smear)

Postscript: Here are some gorgeous/awful images that came about when I was trying to debug something. I will not be explaining these.

@mcc Woah, this is rad. Are you familiar with EmuVR? They've done a lot to emulate various screen tech and such in VR to good effect, albeit on a smaller scale than "the entire environment"

@mcc this is really cool! Out of curiosity what does “SDF” mean - I can only find uhh dentistry related things with that acronym

@ticky Signed Distance Field or Signed Distance Function. In this case I'm using Multichannel Signed Distance Fields which can do both curves and corners. twitter.com/MermaidVR/status/1

@mcc oh interesting! Thanks for taking the time to elaborate ☺️

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