The COVID-19 bill is released and hidden in it are two *enormous* copyright provisions; the Tillis bill that creates a jail felony for streaming infringements, and the "CASE act" that creates a totally new low-friction DMCA-takedown-like court that can levy five-digit fines for…well, pretty much anything, without the checks on abuse a normal court has or (to my read) adequate notice to targets they were even sued.

These have real potential to harm average Internet users.

I think these provisions are vile, I think it's vile to shove them through in the lame-duck session of a criminal President, but what's especially vile to me is these are being snuck into law when most Congressional offices—due to COVID—are not able to answer their phones. I've tried contacting all my Congresspeople every way I can (maybe you should too?) but I suspect the bill will be law by the time anyone gets the chance to read my messages. They are passing law constituents can't comment on.

@mcc this makes me want to give up on buying and listing to recorded music

@mcc The streaming infringement as it pertains to felonies only applies to companies whose sole means of revenue is selling access to unlicensed content.

I think it was tacky to tag this to the relief bill amongst other things, but afaik it doesn't apply to individuals.

@mcc ahh this is so bad we're straying further from culture being a public good and that's some ugly dystopia stuff

@mcc They rammed CASE into it, too? I heard about the felony part, I didn't realize they brought CASE back, too. That's fucked up.

@mcc I suspect they knew exactly what they were doing. It says “commercial streaming” so I bet this is meant to knife IPTV providers before it catches on even more. 😞

@mcc The bill is under the consideration of veto.

Yesterday alt-right heavily questioned why there is DCMA expansion.

And it's not so much the artists, it is the labels, putting the screws to everybody and everything.

A boost should already mean it, but thank you for sharing this info with everyone.

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