Anyway if you're wondering what you've been missing on Twitter, today Twitter started instantly autobanning anyone who said the word "Memphis" and did not figure out what had happened and fix it for like six hours

The entire time people were experimentally tweeting "Wait, do you really get banned if you say 'Memphis'?" and getting banned

Twitter was a great tool, but has been abused and is now complete garbage.

@lucifargundam @mcc

Twitter is problematic by design, but it was not visible at the beginning.

The CEO won't change anything because this state of twitter brings a lot more money than when it was not a warzone => a "nice" twitter and a "money making" twitter can't coexist.

It is as a great tool as a cheap autonomous car (cheap because no security) would be until it gets hacked really easily by a neighbour ?

@mcc damn someone on here made a joke about this and i thought they were using "M*mphis" as a humorous placeholder

@mcc I’m just glad my own website can’t ban me for saying Memphis

@mcc It was about time that Twitter took a hard stance against Memphis.

@mcc i still dont know why I was suspended. They said spam but lots of people considered me a valuable and fun part of their TL. I also wasnt harmful or hateful and almost always positive.

@Squeakball it's obvious; because you aren't hateful and are mostly positive, you're not making them enough money ;) @mcc

Well, that's why more people should use Mastodon 🙃.
Of course, it could also happen on mastodon on a lonely server, but it is way less likely to happen here and if it would happen it would likely be just for one server.

@mcc The height of abject nitwittery needed to do that is... actually impressive

Twitter, once again, demonstrates it's exactly what we think it is

@mcc well, I do love me some Memphis BBQ. I should post that to see if they still are banning

Memphis - 𝑛𝑜𝑢𝑛
1. The word that trended on Twitter without ever trending.

@mcc honestly it was the most fun i've had on twitter all year

@mcc At the same time, there were protests against a pipeline in Memphis. That might have been why. It's an odd thing for Twitter to get a bug that specific with plain text.

@mcc I guess I miss the ID10T users, the ultraleft/altright fights, the free-speech nazis, the regular nazis....come to think of it I don't miss none of it.

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