Hey so! I'll be doing a streamed talk at DCG201 (DEFCON New Jersey local) this Friday, 7PM EST, as part of a program on VR tech:

My talk's subject: LOVR.ORG (the open source VR library I use); nuts & bolts of VR dev, and how to get started; my game SKATEGIRL DESTROYS THE UNIVERSE (
@mermaidindustries ); and a look into SKATEGIRL'S internals.

The talk after me (7:30) is by Nevyn Bengtsson, talking about, another LOVR project.

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*Gesturing upthread* I'll be giving my talk on this stream in one hour!

@mcc Watched it an hour late but I enjoyed it very much! Kind of want to try porting the lite text editor to Lovr now - I ported it to love2d in a couple of evenings. Seems like it could be really fantastic to have a solid code editor living directly inside your VR world as it runs.

@SpindleyQ Thanks for watching?

Also, I actually would LOVE a text editor in lovr-- dunno if you saw the part of my talk about making a DAW, but that's a Thing and im hoping to have sequencing based on text files! I think Bjorn implemented part of a text editor for one project but he did most of it in C.

@mcc this is all it took to get lite up and running in love2d! Pretty much just “draw rectangle”, “draw text”, and “get UI event”.

Your DAW looks cool! I think about building my own music software a lot too. I wrote a Forth-based AdLib livecoding environment on my 286 a year or two ago but I never quite got the workflow to click.

@SpindleyQ @mcc
Here's the demo of mcc's VR DAW, @PatchNotes. Rewind a bit for the #PureData game music. I don't have a VR headset, but this is tempting...

@SpindleyQ oh wow, hype!! I'll try this out soon :O :O

@mcc Good luck, I don't think it's ever been run on any machine but mine, haha!
Not much in the way of docs but the most well-documented and usable incarnation of this setup is probably 8-Bitsy
And here's some demo videos of the Apple ][ dev environment I built on it

@mcc I've also been slowly building out a workflow for games that actually run on love2d but it's still pretty WIP. I have a useful live Lua object inspector with a REPL interface running in that one

@SpindleyQ Hey, sorry to bother-- I'm looking into this, but I think the link is dead? Is there still a current link?

I think I can figure out lite myself but it would be helpful to have a comparison.

@mcc should work? I must have rearranged my source layout since I mentioned it

Also yesssss I’m really happy to hear you’re digging into this

@mcc oh looks like I renamed “master” to “main”, is what happened

@SpindleyQ Were you able to get lite to work as like, a *single text editing pane*? I'm worried because lite is this huge VSCode clone and I just want a text editor widget where I can custom color text.
I've got MIDI control working from Lua… I invented a tiny language for describing musical notes awhile back, and I want to edit the text live while coloring notes as they play

@mcc I think DocView and command dispatching is pretty much all you’d want - though command dispatch probably assumes MainView exists as the global view container, so you might need to hack it down to not display the status bar / file tree view, rather than just using DocView directly. But that shouldn’t be very hard.

@mcc the existing syntax colouring system is pretty limited, I had to kind of override it just to add support for rainbow parens

But like all of lite, the code is straightforward and easy to read, so bending it to do what you want is usually feasible

@SpindleyQ OK. I actually don't want it to syntax highlight, I just want to color text according to program logic...

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