Hey so! I'll be doing a streamed talk at DCG201 (DEFCON New Jersey local) this Friday, 7PM EST, as part of a program on VR tech:

My talk's subject: LOVR.ORG (the open source VR library I use); nuts & bolts of VR dev, and how to get started; my game SKATEGIRL DESTROYS THE UNIVERSE (
@mermaidindustries ); and a look into SKATEGIRL'S internals.

The talk after me (7:30) is by Nevyn Bengtsson, talking about, another LOVR project.

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*Gesturing upthread* I'll be giving my talk on this stream in one hour!

@mcc Watched it an hour late but I enjoyed it very much! Kind of want to try porting the lite text editor to Lovr now - I ported it to love2d in a couple of evenings. Seems like it could be really fantastic to have a solid code editor living directly inside your VR world as it runs.

@SpindleyQ Thanks for watching?

Also, I actually would LOVE a text editor in lovr-- dunno if you saw the part of my talk about making a DAW, but that's a Thing and im hoping to have sequencing based on text files! I think Bjorn implemented part of a text editor for one project but he did most of it in C.

@mcc this is all it took to get lite up and running in love2d! Pretty much just “draw rectangle”, “draw text”, and “get UI event”.

Your DAW looks cool! I think about building my own music software a lot too. I wrote a Forth-based AdLib livecoding environment on my 286 a year or two ago but I never quite got the workflow to click.

@SpindleyQ @mcc
Here's the demo of mcc's VR DAW, @PatchNotes. Rewind a bit for the #PureData game music. I don't have a VR headset, but this is tempting...

@SpindleyQ oh wow, hype!! I'll try this out soon :O :O

@mcc Good luck, I don't think it's ever been run on any machine but mine, haha!
Not much in the way of docs but the most well-documented and usable incarnation of this setup is probably 8-Bitsy
And here's some demo videos of the Apple ][ dev environment I built on it

@mcc I've also been slowly building out a workflow for games that actually run on love2d but it's still pretty WIP. I have a useful live Lua object inspector with a REPL interface running in that one

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