I have been using the adjective "sick" an unusually large amount in the last few years. Not sure what's happening there. I simply feel a great affinity for the idea of "sickness" at present. Perhaps I feel sickness is a thing missing from my life. Is it not ironic? Under COVID many people have become sick, yet as a result the world... has become less sick. What? That's gibberish? Okay

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@mcc it makes sense to me. i haven't had a cold in like two years

@mcc trying to think of other adjectives whose meaning changes in dramatic / hilarious ways depending on the nouns it is applied to. Ripe? Flat? Strong? refer to nouns as "adjective prisms".

@jplebreton Adverb rather than adjective but I am always fascinated by the "as hell" intensifier. "Good as hell" "Nice as hell" "Cold as hell"

@mcc "my, hell certainly is full of superlatives!"

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