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mcc @mcc

Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce that I have founded a VR game studio, in collaboration with luminous beings who appear above my bed at night. For the forseeable future I'm going to be working on making ~~something incredible~~ for VR fulltime.

The studio is named Mermaid Heavy Industries, and you can find the website at . I'll be posting preview media at this account: @mermaidindustries and RTing it here.

I hope that I am able to show you something incredible.

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@mcc @mermaidindustries anything "heavy industries" has such a good japanese wording: 人魚重工 (ningyo juukou)

@mcc @mermaidindustries I saw the mermaid post before this one and thought ‘oh, that sounds like something Andi would do’ ^^;