Gonna try a thing.

I'm taking part in this virtual "Indie Arena Booth" thing at Gamescom this year. It's like a games expo in habbo hotel.


At 4 PM EST (so about now), I'm gonna try to do a "tour group"! I'm streaming here:

Meet us at this blue tent and you can wander around with us, or just watch our stream and we'll check out some game demo trailer things.

Spelunky 2 7-4 clear new PB!! 22 minutes and 33 seconds with the 7-4 ("hidden") ending.

I have been trying for some months to get a good 7-4 speedrun time (where "good" means under half an hour LOL) and no runs have survived. Oddly this one was a totally different strat than I've been going for (normally I go for red cape, this time by luck I got a jetpack in 1-2 and went Forest/Black Market). Still gunning for sub 20… hopefully I don't need jetpack+mattock+10bombs luck in 1-2 every time…!

So back on May 21 I gave a talk to the Defcon New Jersey local group about ~VR GAME DEV~. The talk is nominally about lovr.org , the engine I use, but I used the time to talk about the range of options for VR game dev, show off a long demo of my in-development game (@MermaidVR), and show off the various homebrew in-engine game-editor tools I've put together. The video's now uploaded here:


Life is Strange spoilers 

This was in my head and I had to make it even if it doesn't make any sense

After constantly grinding the game on two platforms since launch on September 15, and figuring out all the secrets by myself in collaboration with my friend Miguel (no faqs no wikis) I got past 7-4 for the first time in Spelunky 2! This means literally nothing unless you've played much too much Spelunky but if you have I assure you it's very impressive and I feel happy and smug.

I was briefly possessed by the need to create a diagram charting the family tree of inspiration from Roadside Picnic (1972) and could not rest until I created this image

Warning: Contains minor spoilers for a current TV show

Associations get progressively more tenuous as you go down the chart

I like the jarringly intense whitespace in these. Often an entire half of the image is just one color (though posting them in groups like this breaks that up a little). There's an (unintended) bias toward rectangles being taller than wide, which also looks interestingly jarring.

I feel like a lot of the time with generative art your initial test images are the most interesting, because that's when accidents of early shortcuts have the most chance to surprise you.

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I'm working on something involving Hilbert curves, but before I start on it I decided to make some just-for-fun images consisting of randomly coloring subdivisions.

Posted the PR! It is a little awkward to use right now (since it's a PR you have to use npm link to use it in an app) but it works for all the basic operations: github.com/immutable-js/immuta

Immutable-js is currently having some problems with a maintainer out on medical leave so I don't think they're taking new feature PRs anytime soon, but I might be able to get this into the immutable-js-oss fork on Github.

Here's what my test app looks like right now:

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So this week, as a personal project, I've been creating an immutable auto-sorting list (basically, a priority queue) for JS. I'm implementing it as a fork of Immutable.js and I'm using their definition of "immutable".

It is going well. I have "add", "shift" and "pop" all working, and I made a cool debug tool that can input bulk random data and visualize the priority queue's internals, because if I'm doing this for fun, I might as well have fun with it.

I will probably PR once iteration works.

How is this possible? The answer lies in FLOPS, or Floating Point Operations per Second.

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I just want to take a moment to appreciate Avery Brooks

Now streaming this second: an experiment where I try to learn Prolog (the oddly AI-like programming language where instead of writing a program you describe what you want done, and the language figures out what program makes that happen) and teach it to you at the same time. This is the second in this series, but you don't need to have seen the first. My goal for today: solve a Sudoku. twitch.tv/mcc111

Now streaming: Girl Adventure by Sylvie and Dusk Child by Sophie. Will I solve the mystery of the skulls? twitch.tv/mcc111

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I do a stream on Saturdays and because of Tired tomorrow's will just be junk food pixel art games. I'm gonna play this amazing looking game by a dev I've never heard of


And this game, by a dev I have


Stream 2 PM EASTERN (11 AM Pacific) tomorrow

Streaming "me trying to learn prolog, and teach it to you" now! You don't need to have seen last week's stream to follow this one (hopefully).


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